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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Supporting my BOD-Book Disorder Obsession (3)

This is going to be my new meme on whenever I buy new books. I won't be everyweek or everyday. Just whenever I have extra cash in hand to buy books. So this week, I put in extra hours at work, hence extra cash for books! Brace your self...

1. Early to Death, Early to Rise- Kim Harrison
2. The Dark Divine- Bree Despain
3. Fangs for Freaks- Serena Robar
4. Blood Fued- Alyxandra Harvey
5. Hearts at Stake- Alyxandra Harvey
6. The Iron Daughter- Julie Kagawa
7. Prophecy of the Sisters- Michelle Zink
8. Forget You- Jennifer Echols
9. Soulless- Gail Carriger
10. Changeless- Gail Carriger
11. CryWolf- Patricia Briggs
12.  The Ghost and The Goth-Stacey Kade
13. Sleepless- Cyn Balog
14. Bad Girls Don't Die- Katie Alender
15. Sister's Red-Jackson Pearce

Some of these book I had already, but the rest I bought. I am still missing Siren and Shadow Hills which are not in stock yet at the store. But I will get those later. Super!!

Also I have an announcement to make. My husband has been getting lots of email of wanting him to design a header for them. He just came up with the greatests idea in the world according to him. Since he loves to design and help people out he has come up with an idea of designing blogs for people worth more than what he is asking. All he is asking is a simple trade, of 1600 Microsoft points for the design of your blog. The design consist of the blogger template, colors, back rounds, blocks, a customize design header, 2 buttons and 2 ads. Any image that you want to send him are welcome and email him with a description of what you want your blog to look like, with color scheme and type of look. (classic, fancy, goth, cartoon, etc)

Please e-mail him at

If you want to see his work, he designed my header and blog.
He also designed Mariss's Header @ Marissa Sizzling Hot Book Reviews
He also designed AISI @Aisisecurity

Happy Reading!


  1. Hey Savannah!
    The only one of those that I've read is THE DARK DIVINE, and I am hoping you will absolutely love it!
    Fingers crossed that you do :D

  2. That is a great list of books. I thought I was the only who went on book spending spree's....

  3. Now I'm not feeling so alone after my big thrift store splurge last week! Nice group of books - love Kim Harrison..

  4. The Dark Divine- Bree Despain
    Blood Fued- Alyxandra Harvey
    Hearts at Stake- Alyxandra Harve
    Sister's Red-Jackson Pearce

    You will love the above books i have read and reviewed them all..cant wait to hear what you think..

  5. Wow, so many awesome books! Enjoy! :D

  6. Wow, great books! Most of them are on my tbr list!
    I loved The Dark Divine & Soulless and now I'm reading Changeless!
    I hope you'll enjoy them all :)


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