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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Guest Blog with Lauren Hammond And Giveaway!!!

Hello Everyone!
Today we have a guest post :)
Author Lauren Hammond is here with us today to discuss her new novel Love Sucks. Thank you Lauren for being here today.

For Love is immortality. ~ Emily Dickinson
The definition of immortality is endless life or existence. What would you do if you could live forever? What would you do differently knowing, that every day you walked on this earth wouldn’t be your last? Cara Jones never asked for immortality. She never asked to be a vampire. Immortality can give you a lot of one thing, time. So after living hundreds of years, Cara assumes if she’d been given a choice, she would have picked immortality over death itself. But what would you do?
Love Sucks began as a mental image. I was driving down the road, blaring my music, when suddenly, Cara punched through my brain and also punched through the lid of her coffin. I remember turning down the music, staying focused on the image, and rushing home to begin bringing Cara’s story to life.
The journey to get Love Sucks published wasn’t an easy one. I had a few yes’s and a million no’s. The word no, was something I was getting used to but, I never let it stop me.

Writing had been a great part of my life since I was a young child. I knew I was destined to do it so, I would stop at nothing to get myself there.

Love Sucks will take you on the ride of a lifetime, literally. The book begins in the early 1700’s when Cara is turned into a creature of the night and ends in the year 2010 when she awakens from a two hundred and eighty year slumber. The world is so new to Cara. When she left it there was no electricity, no running, water, no cars, nothing like it is today. So she once again finds herself adjusting to a new way of life.
I wanted to create a strong character that not only I could relate to but, my readers could relate to as well. I strongly believe that great, developed characters equal great novels. And if you are looking for a character to relate to, look no further than Cara Jones.

Love Sucks has been getting some pretty positive attention, therefore a sequel is in order A Sucker For Love will be released in the summer of 2011. Now I only have one thing left to say, are you ready to be sucked in???



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