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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Review: Mieradome

Title: Mieradome
Series: No
Genre: Young Adult- Fantasy
Author: Kate O'Hegarty
Publisher: Author House
Release Date: November 20, 2010
Book:  Book sent by Author

"Mieradome, revolves around a young girl named Amavia, who believes she is a human girl, but slowly comes to find she is a faery in the world of Mieradome. Amavia's mother, Anastasica, had taken her out of the faery realm and hidden her away here in our human realm, so that she may be protected from her parents' past mistakes. But that was not enough, the forces that be found Amavia, and brought her back into the cosmos of the Grandmother Tree. There she meets other faeries, goblins, Telkar dragons, and Utopisols. Slowly who Amavia really was began to unravel to show the truth. The truth, that she just may be the evil they need to destroy. This is where the story begins."

Let me just say while reading this book one movie came popping into my mind. And that is a good thing because I love this movie. The movie is called Pan's Laybrinth.  This novel is absolutely a great read.

While this book is not a easy read, the story is captivating. I enjoyed all the characters and the plot. The characters names I love because the are all so unique! So Amavia is taken out of the faery world and led to believe she is a human. Amavia begins having dreams and is led right back to Mieradome. There Amavia goes through a long world wind adventure discovering who she truly is.

Ms. O'Hegarty did a wonderful job writing this. The plot was just plain good. It did take me a while to read this because the book was long and of course a little higher reading level. I enjoyed the book nonetheless. Mieradome is a captivating read that will blow your mind. It does start off slow, but quickly picks up into the story.

I love the ending with the tree. I was glad to see that Amvaia was able to find a way out of things and of course the grandmother tree still stands. (That was a close one)

If you love a great fairy tell with good literature, then read Mieradome. As I said before Mieradome is written with a little higher reading level, kind of like A midsummer night dream. Great writing.

I give it 4 BITES!

Happy Reading!


  1. Great review...I'm totally a sucker for fairy tales :)

  2. Loved Pan's Labyrinth! I have been seeing alot of reviews for fairy tale-ish books lately. I'm intrigued by this one! Great review!

  3. I love Pan's Labyrinth, so will def. check this out!

  4. This sounds like one that Kelli would really enjoy :0)
    Also, you have an award waiting :0)

  5. I started this yesterday but then got a book I've really been wanting and couldn't focus on Mieradome with it here. But although I didn't get far the world seemed very interesting. It was reminding me a bit of Laini Taylor's faeries. But this book is definitely a higher level of reading. I'm glad to hear it picks up!

  6. sounds super good! Thanks for the great review!


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