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Monday, August 30, 2010

Supporting My BOD- Books Obsession Disorder (10)/ My first Vlog!

This is my weekly meme on Supporting My Book Disorder
Here's what I've got this week:

Books for review:
The Replacement by Breen Yovanoff
Wake Unto Me by Lisa Cach
Cloaked by Alex Flinn

Books I bought:
Radiance by Alyson Noel
Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare
Nevermore by Kelley Creagh
Paranormalcy by Kierstin White

Received form Author:
In the Beginning: Book One by Melanie Ray

What did you get to support your disorder?

P.S. I think I moved my hands too much! LOL

Happy Reading!


  1. Lots of awesome books there! None I've read myself but quite a few I've heard of. I'm also anticipating reading Paranormalcy. I don't know how easy it will be to get my hands on a copy as new releases are hard to find unless I get them shipped from the US to NZ.

    Great first vlog! I love vlogs because they allow me to get a better insight into who a blogger is and they just seem like so much fun! I hope you'll do more in the future.

    Happy reading! xoxo

  2. Your first vlog was perfect! I´m also hoping for more of them in the future!
    o.O Paranormalcy and Clockwork Angel!!! OGM! I want to read them so much! Who won´t be getting obsessed about those! I pre-ordered them both a while ago and I´m also waiting for Halo!

    Happy reading!

  3. Loved the Vlog!

    Wake Unto Me was amazing. Review is on my blog if you want to check it out.
    Paranormalcy was pretty good as well :)

  4. Vlogs are great but I haven't yet built up the courage to do one myself :-)

    Stephanie G
    Paranormal Haven

  5. You got great ones this week! I have every one of those on my list:) And you did a great job on your first vlog!

  6. Thanks everyone! I was really nervous doing this vlog and I had to do numerous of takes. At least next time around, it will be easier. LOL!

  7. You did great for your first vlog! My Clockwork Angel and Paranormalcy just shipped today, so I need to be patient. Very difficult!

  8. Great book! and I loved the Vlog! you're so cute Savy!


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