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Saturday, August 28, 2010

WINNER of Valdimir Tod RED Vampire Smiley Shirt!

Alright, time to annouce a winner.
 Using the services of  the winner is......


Congrats! The winner has been contacted and I am waiting a response.

Here is the shirt:

Also don't get discouraged. I still have 4 more Valdimir Tod shirts to give away. The next one will be a blue vampire smiley.

You can enter HERE!


Good Luck!


  1. Thanks for the comment. I would so love to see the series continue. I am sure she can think of way to make it continue. I absolutely loved it.

  2. Oh and also you book review you submitted was chosen for this weeks Book Review of the Week. Which I will be posting here shortly.

  3. No Problem apparently you saw you won before I told you. lol. Feel free to advertise too. I am trying to get more then just 10 submissions to chose from.

  4. Congratulations, Ash! :D


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