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Friday, October 15, 2010

How do you read so much?

I have gotten this question quite a few times and I will explain it to you fully.
It all begins at my job.

Yup, you heard right. I am the Chief Dispatcher at American Investigations, where I worked for over 7 years!

In case you don't know, a Dispatcher or Communications Officer, sits in front of the computer for an 8 hours shift logging things in. What things do I log in? The company I work for is the largest security firm in the Rio Grande Valley. We secure large venues such as warehouse, trucking sites, etc...

That means while I am on duty, I have to make sure all Security Officers are onsite doing their job. It is up to me to make sure that arrive on time, leave on time, and are not doing anything they are not supposed to do.
Also, while on duty I answer phones, takes messages, as well as the cb radio, and nextel. If you don't know what you are doing, it can be overwhelming. Plus my boss does not like if the phones ring more than twice.

Since I am the Chief Dispatcher, I work the early morning shifts. Which are 7am-3pm. We also have other shifts like 3pm-11pm and 11pm-7am. So with that said, if a dispatcher does not comes in for whatever reason. Ex, got sick, child sick, car broke down, they quit etc, I have to remain on duty until a dispatcher comes and relieves me. I am not allowed to leave. The longest I've worked in dispatch is 18 hours. Yeah, that day totally sucked.

So what does that have to do with my reading? Well like I said before we are not allowed to leave. We don't have a lunch break either. You either bring your own lunch, or have it delivered to you. We do get bathroom breaks. We work 8 hours straight. Even though the office closes at 5pm, dispatch remains open for 24-7.

This is where I sit for 8, 16, sometimes 18 hour shifts.
With that being said, what do you do for 8+ hours straight? You can't leave, no internet, you eat lunch where you sit, so what do you do? I read. My boss allows that since of course you can't do anything else.

And that folks is how I read so much in such little time. I usually take two books with me to work. It takes me one 8 hour shift to finish a book. I always bring an extra in case I have to pull a double, because you never know what will happen. As a Chief Dispatcher I am the boss of dispatch. This also means I am on call 24-7. If a dispatcher can't come in at 11pm and  I am already in bed, guess who has to go in. ME!
 I am always prepared with books in my purse, car, and phone. Because working the graveyard  just sucks.

So yeah, thats it. That is my secret in how I read so much. I don't read at home since I read so much at work. The weekend is like a break for me.

I hope this explains it all  to you who have maybe doubted that I've read what I've read. I do read the books. I really am reading it.

Happy Reading!


  1. I wish I had a job where I could read a lot! I can't imagine what people do at your job if they don't like to read! lol

  2. Thanks for sharing about your job!! That's great that you are able to get some reading in while you aren't busy :)

  3. My answer to reading so much is the EXACT SAME as yours! I work an 8 hour job, Monday-Friday, where I am required to sit at a desk non-stop in front of a computer. I however get a lunch break (only 30 mins though). I go through books like crazy because I have nothing else to do! It's a dream! ha

  4. this may be a repost-i got an error from blogger

    thanks for sharing aobut your job! it's great that you can read while you aren't busy!!

  5. Please, please trade jobs with me. *puppy eyes*

  6. How I envy you! I have always wanted to do dispatching. But I am hard of hearing and am not able to. How wonderful for you that you are able to enjoy your work as well as read!!

    I look forward to seeing you stop my blog. :)


  7. I read a lot (or use to before I started school back up) because I work front desk at a hotel. I don't know what I'd do without my books.

    Stephanie G
    Paranormal Haven

  8. I wish I had a job where I could read. Instead I look after my two boys (one is almost 6 months and the other is 3) so I don't get much time to read! Two boys can be very time consuming :)

  9. I read at work as well. I'm a lab tech working the 4 to midnight shift so I have to do whatever jobs comes in and somethimes it's crazy as hell, sometimes you can hear crickets. On an average night I read 80 to 100 per shift. On saturdays I can read up to 250 or not a single word like last monday hehe.
    We also have the stay on duty until someone come replace us, so I hear your pain!

  10. That's interesting. I fit in reading whenever I can. Since I'm in school now, it's harder to fit it in, but I find a way.

  11. I sometimes wonder that about reviewers. I'm lucky becasue as a casual worker I have days free (not much money though) and while looking after school kids, I usually have some space to read or write, so I'm lucky too.

    I've been here before, but came back via the hop. I subscribed this time.

  12. I am jealous, believe it or not! Working that much? Not so fun. Being able to read on the clock? That's awesome!


  13. Hello, I'm a new blog follower via Parajunkie's Follow My Book Blog Friday. :) Take care. -Laura

  14. I would say I'd like the kind of job that would allow me to read all shift but try calling me out of bed in the middle of the night to come into work and you'll experience a true religious experience.

  15. Wow! I am impressed. I don't think I could sit for that long without being able to get up... Well.. actually the book would keep me distracted and in another world.. but still! I am your newest follower from the hop! Hope you had a great (non 18 hr work day) weekend!

  16. Your job sounds like a great way to kill two birds with one stone. I don't work right now, but I have a lot of running around to do. When I read is usually at night when my husband gets home and ignores me for 3-5 hours for video games. ;)

  17. Sweet! It's like getting paid to work. --As long as it's okay with your boss and it doesn't get in the way of your job ... lucky!!

  18. I'm a nurse assistant, and I get to read quite a bit on most cases. It is a bit like getting paid to read! I actually think your job sounds interesting, and I love that you can read during your shift!

  19. I never would have thought you didn't read what you say you've read! I'm glad you are able to read at work, but honestly, I do *not* envy your job. I don't think I could handle it!

  20. This is such an illuminating post, Savy -- I really sympathize with your job situation, as so many of us come from such different backgrounds and work experiences. I do hope that the reading makes what you do easier/more fun, which it seems like it does, and hopefully you won't have too many more 18-hour shifts :-S


  21. My job as an intern used to be like that. Well actually, my job is still like that, only now i've discovered blogging and can split my time between reading and blogging. It also helps that I dont have much of a life outside of work and reading becides my puppy and busy boyfriend so my time is spent blogging, reading, and picking up poop with the scooper!


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