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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Most Awaited Debuts of 2011 Book Challenge

I am so excited to announce my first challenge that I am hosting. I always wanted to do this, but I could never gather up the courage to do it. Now, I bit the bullet and decided it is time. I present the Most Awaited Debuts of 2011.

Books with Bite

This is the Most Awaited YA Debut Challenge. In this, I challenge you to read the most awaited debuts of the year 2011. On the new tab marked Book Challenges 2011 is list with each month, stating the most awaited debuts, along with the release dates. The list is not final, I may add a few more books if I find any. Each month I will choose a winner. The winner has a choice to win a book of his/her choice from the list. For example, if you win in January, but you want a book from March, I will send you that book whenever it is released. Also this is a year long challenge and it is international.

This is a list of Young Adult Books. Some are new debuts, others are books to sequels and trilogies we have all been waiting to get our hands on.

You can now go to Book Challenges 2011 and sign up on the linky. I will post up a new linky for each month. You can see the list on GoodReads. If you like to vote for a book or maybe even add one that I missed, go ahead and let me know so I can add it to the list I made.

Go here to VOTE!

I will too be doing this challenge. My goal is to read every book on the list. I know. I'm not sure how I would  do it. But I will mark each book that I have read so you can see my progress.

I hope that you will joining on this challenge and I hope each one of you will reach your goal.
Grab the button and help spread the word.

Also special thanks to Staci from Blogging Bella Designs for doing the button. Her work is wonderful!
If you are interested visit:

Good Luck and Happy Reading!


  1. this sounds the same as the story sirens debut author challenge....

  2. @Kay, The Story Siren does a challenge for New Debut authors. This list is complied of books that are already out. Like for books that have sequels or a trilogy that we are waiting for. Hence the most awaited. Some are new debuts.

  3. If you read a, for example, March release in June and post your review in June, will that still count?

    I'd love to participate, but I get most of my books from my library right now and sometimes it takes a little while for them to get the book to me.

    I think this challenge is similar to The Story Siren's debut challenge, but different enough. It is nice to have a challenge for all of those great books I'm looking forward to in 2011 that aren't from debut authors. I think there's room for both challenges. :)

  4. I'm thinking on doing this one too but trying to figure out if I can handle another challenge. I would love to read more YA this would give me an excuse too.

  5. @small review, you can read whatever books on the list during whenever month. Each month I will post a linky and from there you post what you've read.

  6. Great! I'll be setting up a post for this soon then. Thanks for the challenge :)

  7. Looks like fun. I did sign up for this challenge. I've already got a few read from this list. *grin*

    I am starting a Morbid Romantica Challenge 2011. I will be trying to feature it through out the year.

    Mad Scientist


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