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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Review: Mystify

Title: Mystify
Series: Mystyx #2
Genre: Young Adult- Paranormal/Fantasy
Author: Artist Arthur
Publisher: Kimani Tru
Release Date: February 1, 2011
Book:  Netgalley

"Sometimes being an outsider is the best way to fit in…

Sasha Carrington has grown up feeling like an outsider, and her parents are too concerned with scaling the Lincoln, Connecticut, social ladder to even notice her. They’d be really horrified to know about the supernatural abilities Sasha and her friends Krystal and Jake possess. But as part of the Mystyx, Sasha has found her place.

Now her parents have suddenly taken an interest in everything she does, and their timing couldn’t be worse. Sasha’s father wants her to become BFFs with snooty Alyssa Turner, who hates Krystal for stealing her boyfriend. Then there’s Antoine Watson, the boy Sasha has liked forever, the boy her parents would never approve of. But with the dark side getting more dangerous by the day, and the Mystyx’s own powers growing in unexpected ways, Sasha is facing choices that could affect her friends, her love life—and even her destiny…"

 I just loved how well Ms. Arthur combines paranormal with real life drama. Not with over dramatic stuff, but everyday real stuff that people go through every single day.

We meet Sasha who's life is nothing but what is seems. She is drenched in a world that she totally dislikes and wants nothing part of it. Sasha meets Antoine and is having an extremely hard time fighting the attraction to him. Things get complicated and she must face the question, what really matters?

What really matters when it comes to a relationship? I know now and days people are much more lenient when it comes to dating people of other races. But some people are extremely old fashioned and don't think its is right to stray outside of your race, your class, your people, etc. Sasha is faced with this situation time and time again in this book. She wants to go with her heart but faces trouble when her parents questions why she is hanging out with that thug.

I loved that Sasha is strong and fierce. She knows what she wants, keeps herself out of trouble, and makes good grade. And even though she is a richie, she does not degrade everyone who is not. She is all-around friendly. Sasha sticks up for her friends, and her love, fighting her parents all the way.

The paranormal part was awesome! I love the whole aspect of Gods and Goddesses in a big war. This book also made for great entrainment with all the researching and seeking out secrets. 

Ms. Arthur certainly knew how to draw me into her wonderful world of Mystyx. The characters were strong yet fresh. Each of them, finding themselves in this world as well as fighting a war with their powers. I can't wait to read her next book!

I give it 5 BITES!

Happy Reading!


  1. Thanks for the review. l have to say the cover put me off requesting this, it makes the book look 'unprofessional' l find for some reason! After this review it sounds good though, you have had a good run of books with a lot being 5 bites, love it when you get a good run of books.

  2. I've heard so little about this, and the cover really bugs me, but I'm glad to hear it's a great read! I'm for sure adding this to my TBR pile now :)

    Excellent review!

  3. Adding to my tbr list now. Great review!
    From the Shadows

  4. Oooh, a big war between Gods and Goddesses! That has certainly made me want to try this series :)

  5. Great review! Im not sold on this series, ut Im glad you enjoyed it so much! =D

  6. Hm, I might need to give these books a try! I'm always interested in stories about Gods and Goddesses, and Sasha seems like a great female protagonist. I do have to agree with Melissa on the cover though, it makes it seem like a really young read though your review doesn't make it sound that way. Thanks Savy!

  7. Great review!

    I liked but didn't like the first book. I do like the concept though! I can't wait to read this one!


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