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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!!! I hope everyone had a safe and fun new year!!
I do have many resolutions.

Blogging Resolutions:
1. To read as much as I can.
2. Do more vlogging videos
3. Try not to buy too many books, other than what I pre-ordered.

Personal Resolutions
1. Lose Weight
2. Be a good mommy and wife
3. Try to do things on time and not at last minute.
4. Travel more.

Those are my New Year Resolutions. What are yours?

Happy Reading!



  1. Happy New Year!!!


  2. Happy New Year!! I also made some blogging resolutions - here they are My Resolutions

  3. Good luck with your resolutions! It's always nice to have a fresh start each year.

    My New Year Goals

  4. Happy New Year, Savy! I hope the new year brings you all that you wish for.

    I'm with you on reading more, traveling and possibly losing weight. LOL

  5. Happy New Year! Best wishes and good luck on your goals. :)

  6. Happy New Year to you too, Good Luck with your blogging goals and personal ones as well.

  7. Happy New Year! Hope it's a god one for you!

    Heh... my resolution? I think you know that one already. lol You have some good ones there tho!

  8. Here's mine :)

  9. Good luck on your resolutions!

    Happy new year!!! Wishing you all the best!!

    Moonlight Gleam's Bookshelf

  10. Happy New Year, Savvy! Neat resolutions :-) One of mine is to pop by and visit other blogs more frequently and give them some more love :-)


  11. Great resolutions hon! hope you can accomplish them all!

    HAPPY 2011!!!

  12. Best of luck to you on your resolutions. I posted mine on my blog after seeing Parajunkee's and now I've been hopping around to everyone elses.


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