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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Just Release It Already (27)

Divergent by Veronica Roth
Release Date: May 3, 2011

"One choice
One choice decides your friends, defines your beliefs, and determines your loyalties . . . forever.
Or, one choice can transform you."

I have heard loads about this book. All but nothing good and excitement for this author!! I for one have gotten all excited for this book and I can not wait to read it. I love the cover and the synopsis has me at a gasp! I am hoping that I can get my hands on this book and read it! Get excited!!

So seriously?...Just Release It Already!


  1. Oh, Savy, what are you doing to me?! I already have enough books in my TBR pile!! This one sounds so good, though, and I hadn't heard of it before, so thanks!

    Also, be sure to check out my giveaway for an ARC of Bumped by Megan McCafferty!

    -Linds, bibliophile brouhaha

  2. I've seen this book in a lot of WoW today and I've to admit that it seems great !! Nice pick ;)

  3. I'm so excited for this one too Savy! The cover alone would make me buy it, it's so gorgeous. This one really needs to come out in January instead of May!

  4. I totally agree...I have had this preordered for my Kindle since November...and it is not coming out any time soon...

  5. I LOVED this book! Hope you do too!

  6. I'm seriously absolutely DYING to read this book! Great pick! :)

  7. Hey Savy! First of all I want to say I love your blog! Your rating system rocks! Love it! Yes Divergent! What an exciting year for YA huh! I also can't wait for this book as well=) Thanks for reminding me how bad I want to read it, lol!


  8. I had not heard about this book until someone asked me to make a countdown for it LOL

    it sound good! =D

  9. i'll say it again - books books everywhere and not enough time to read! thanks Savy for the updates. c",)

  10. This sounds like a good one!!! Great post btw, you should make "just release it already" a meme!!



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