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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Review: Prophecy of the Sisters

Title: Prophecy of the Sisters
Series: Prophecy of the Sisters # 1
Genre: Young Adult- Historical/Fantasy
Author: Michelle Zink
Publisher: Little Brown
Release Date: August 1, 2009
Book: Bought

"In Michelle Zink's debut novel, orphaned twin sister Lia and Alice Milthorpe are yoked together in an ancient prophecy that makes them enemies and could destroy them both. If Lia can break this familial curse, she can not only save her relationship with her beloved boyfriend; she can finally resolve the mystery behind her parents' death."

Why in the world had I not read this book sooner? This book just blew me away and had me hooked.
Two sisters turned against each other because of fate. A ancient prophecy foretelling one good and one evil. Can the curse be broken?

I'll just go straight into and say I loved this plot. I loved the ancient prophecy and researching. When plots take me on a adventure of clue finding it is the greatest feeling in the world. The finding of keys, gates, and old books had me absolutely giddy.

What I didn't like was the slowness of the book. There was the seeking for stuff and then we find it and..... it goes down again. I wanted to see more of the hatred build between the sisters. I wanted to see more betrayals and more stealing. I just wanted more. But nonetheless the book was great. I like the time-setting and the secrets. Secrets are always good.

The love was definitely touching yet heart breaking. I hope I can see more of that in the next book. I do also want to see more of the other sister. We saw more of her but I would really like to get into her mind and know her motives.

I give it 4 BITES!

Happy Reading!


  1. When I finally read this one I think I too will wonder why I didn't read it sooner. It sounds like such a creepy/fantastic novel.

  2. I've had this one on my shelf for the longest time. I love the sound of it, but I've heard it's slow so I will prepared for that!

  3. I agree with you. It was such a good story and set up such great characters, but it took Lia forever to figure out little details we had figured out chapters ago. Boo to that, but yay to the rest!

  4. I loved this book, but I'm reluctant for some reason to read the second. Planning on reviewing the sequel anytime soon? ;)

  5. Great review Savy!

    It looks like a nice book =D I like this cover more than the one with the statue hehe

  6. Hmm... not sure if it is for me, but I'm very interested. Your review is so well balanced I may have to rethink that. *ponders*

  7. Great review Savy. I just brought this book but I'm not sure I'll be reading this one right away if it's slow.

    Thanks for the review.


  8. I'm glad you enjoyed this book! I've had it for awhile now and my reason for not reading it is because it's part of a series, and I want the other books to be available when I start reading.

    And I know the second one is released, but I'm waiting for paperback so I can buy it to match my copy of the first one :) I'm just picky that way.

    I'll keep your thoughts on the slowness in mind while reading.


  9. Well, I just learned that is type of book is considered Gothic Fiction which is a new-to-me genre I want to explore.

    Glad you thought it was good, despite it being a little slow. I already have it on the TBR. Thanks.

  10. Nice review Savy, I really enjoyed this one as well though I completely agree with you on the slowness and the wanting more! I'm hoping Guardian at the Gate (of the Gate?) is a bit quicker paced and we get more of Alice!

  11. I agree with you. I love the plot idea, but the execution left something to be desired for me. It was too slow. I also really wanted to see more of Alice. She's in Guardian of the Gate even less, unfortunately. I hope we get a big showdown in the final book at least.

  12. I love how balanced and fair your review is, Savy! I keep hearing that the plot, itself, is brilliant, but that it's too slow, and that's the sole reason I've yet to read this book. I can't stand when a book moves too slow. Great review :)

  13. AHHH I can't wait to read this one!!! I have been wanting to for soo long! I'm glad you enjoyed it :). Thank you for your review!! xoxo

  14. I am waiting this book.!!!
    The local publisher is translating the book.
    Big hope the result is good.

    I also love its trailer. Have you seen it?


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