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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Review: Abithica

Title: Abithica
Series: Abithica # 1
Genre: Young Adult- Supernatural/Paranormal
Author: Susan Goldsmith
Publisher: Twilight Times Books
Release Date: June 15, 2011
Book: Sent by author

"What if you knew you were about to be torn from your body and replaced by an imposter in a seamless switch forever separating you and the one you love? Would you do whatever it took to stay? Even if YOU happened to be the impostor?

Abithica must borrow all that she is from others: names, lives, even bodies, but only for periods of time she cannot control. When she switches into the troubled life of Sydney Turner she breaks the one rule that has sustained her—never get attached—and learns the pain of loving and being loved in return. Lane Riley has no idea he’s fallen for Abithica, wearing Sydney Turner’s body, or that he’s asked the impossible when he suggests marriage. Desperate to stay with him, Abithica struggles to uncover the mystery of what she is, only to learn she’s a pawn in the eternal battle over souls, and worse, she’s more than likely one of the "bad guys". What will happen if she refuses to leave the body she’s inhabited?"

This book just blew me off my feet! I have always said before a good book makes you feel the adventure. And I felt the adventure in this book. Abithica has no recollection of who she is when she switches. She just does and from there she must find the pieces. She has a set a rules to follow that not only protect who she is but protect her heart. Until one day, the rules are broken...

Abithica, I loved her. I admire her strength but what I admired most of all her selflessness in what she had to do. No matter who life's she changed when it was time to go she went. Then  when she fell in love I felt her heart break in two. She knew she only had a matter a time and she cherish it.

What I like most about this book was the plot and the redemption. The plot and the writing was good. I got to see into the characters mind clearly and feel their every emotions. Ms. Goldsmith did a wonderful job making the plot the enjoyable that I fell right into it. The plot was easy to follow and easy to read.

The love interest is good. Very good. Even though it happen fast, and I will admit that I don't like fast relationships. But there was something different with this one. It was so simple. They were meant to be. They fit together all along, so who was I to judge that? I felt both of them fight for each other. Really fight. They argued. They argued for their hearts and for the love they shared. I love that Abithica was humble to let go, to recognize that if he is really hers then he will come back.

In the end, the redemption touched me.To see that her wish is granted was beautiful. I loved that Abithica got to have wanted she wanted all along. And then some. I loved how it showed in her eyes. Simply touching and good happy ending!

I give it 5 BITES!

Happy Reading!


  1. OMG, this sounds georgous. At first when I read the summary I thought of The Host by Stephenie Meyer, but this story seems to have a very special atmosphere. I hope I can grab on one of this book^^

  2. I haven't heard of this book before but it sounds great!Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wow! Thanks for that amazing review. (I'm grinning from ear to ear) I look forward to chatting with you in the future.

  4. I've been hearing such wonderful things about this book - can't wait to read it!

  5. Oh yay so glad you liked this one Savy! I have this one on my TBR and I can't wait to start it now. Glad to know that even though the relationship happens fast, it still works:)

  6. Even with the quickly developed romance, this one does sound like a good read. And you have got me super curious about that plot! Thanks Savy.

  7. wow, this does sound good! Thanks for the review Savy! =)

  8. Oh I haven't heard of this one, but blew you off your feet? Sounds good. Thanks!

  9. Great review. I have heard of this one either but after your review I want it! I love a touching read with a good happy ending :)


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