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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Review: The Long Weekend

Title: The Long Weekend
Series: No
Genre: Young Adult-Thriller
Author: Savita Kalhan
Publisher: Anderson Press
Release Date: October 2, 2008
Book: Bought

"Sam knows that he and his friend Lloyd made a colossal mistake when they accepted the ride home. They have ended up in a dark mansion in the middle of nowhere with man who means to harm them. But Sam doesn't know how to get them out. They were trapped, then separated. Now they are alone. Will either of them get out alive? This gripping and hypnotic thriller will have you reading late into the night."

Let me tell how good and downright creepy this book is. I loved reading it. It had me looking over my shoulder because I could swear that someone was watching me read this book! Sam and his friend get in a car who he thought belong to his friends father. Unfortunately, it did not. And now they are trapped in the hands of a psycho.

Psycho, yes indeed. It reminded me of a good horror movie but for teens. Sam I believe handled it the best. When you are caught in a situation like this, you must get your head straight and think. Sam showed great strength. When his friend freaked and flipped out, Sam pick up the extra slack and stayed smart. I am so proud of him.

Many times I wanted to slap Llyod for slowing down Sam. I empathizes with him and totally understood. But its all about survival of the fittest. If it weren't for Sam, I'm not sure what would have happen to Lloyd.

The ending was perfect. I love how Ms. Kalhan tied everything up nicely. Nothing left any questions and I loved how she showed the way it affected both boys. Very good. I also like how well she was able to write and express the feelings of the both boys. I was sweating bullets reading this. And of course cheering them on.

All in all, this book is great. Ms. Kalhan took me on a great adventure. I loved the plot and the way it moved. I love her writing style and how she expressed every single emotions, touch, and even smell. Yes, it was that good.

I give it 5 BITES!

Happy Reading!


  1. Hi, Savy! Your assertions of creepiness have convinced me to give this book a try! Reminds me of the Gothic novel style very much :-) Thanks for another great review!


  2. I have heard nothing BUT good reviews on this one, so I am so excited to read it myself - great review - love the creep factor~

  3. So glad you liked this one too Savy, I absolutely adored it and really didn't think I would. I thought with the boys being so young I wouldn't be able to relate to them or get involved in their story, but I got sucked in and couldn't put it down! I wanted to throttle Lloyd a couple times as well (especially with the whole tree situation), but I can understand why he was the way he was.

  4. Oh I think I need to read this one. Sounds deliciously scary! What a great review. I will put this on my wishlist!

  5. This sounds like the kind of book you have to keep in the freezer when you are not reading it (like Joey in Friends). It may be a little too creepy for me but great review :)

  6. The cover looks creepy so I would expect the story to match. I am looking forward to reading a book that wraps things up nicely instead of leaving all these unanswered questions.


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