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Friday, April 1, 2011

Review: The Lipstick Laws

Title: The Lipstick Laws
Series: No
Genre: Young Adult-Contemporary
Author: Amy Holder
Publisher: Graphia
Release Date: April 4, 2011
Book: Netgalley

"At Penford High School, Britney Taylor is the queen bee. She dates whomever she likes, rules over her inner circle of friends like Genghis Khan, and can ruin anyone's life with a snap of perfectly manicured fingers. Just ask the unfortunate few who have crossed her.   For April Bowers, Britney is also the answer to her prayers. April is so unpopular, kids don't even know she exists. But one lunch spent at Britney's table, and April is basking in the glow of popularity.   But Britney's friendship comes with a high price tag. How much is April willing to pay."

 The Lipstick Laws of high school. I think as you read this book all girls could relate to it. It is easily a book that one all can enjoy. It is also a book that bring back memories of mean, catty girls in high school who do nothing else but ruin other girls lives. Only this time, the girls fight back.

This book totally rocked! The Lipstick Laws are no secret. In high school, we all had a set of rules all girlfriends used or followed. The Lipstick Laws is a great read that had me from the very first page. It was a simple plot. One used over and over again, but with the way Ms. Holder wrote it, it was definitely different and above all others.

What I liked most about this book, is April finding the strength with others to fight back. To not be the girls who runs away scared, but to be the girls who stood up for what it right. April is an amazing character. She is so innocent and wanting to be included in the popular group that she did anything to get in. She also did everything to get back at them. I love her snarky comments and loved her revenge ideas. April is super funny and had me laughing a lot.

I think the love interest in this book is super sweet and lovely! April had a admire for a long time and didn't even realize it. I'm glad that she did what is right and was nice to the boy. He is a sweet boy I would love to spend time with and deserved much better than that.

The Lipstick Laws is a super fun, super cute, and not a dull moment was in this. Ms. Holder had a way with catching the reader and keeping them entertain all the way through.  Overall it is a fantastic debut that you must read.

I give it 5 BITES!

Happy Reading!


  1. While I think I'm a little tired of all the catty, mean girls in YA, I do like that the girls in this book fight back and don't meekly stand by while the popular girls bulldoze over everyone:) And I do love a snarky girl, so I might have to add this one to my list anyway:)

  2. I've heard mixed things about this one. It moves up and down my TBR list with each review.LOL It's headed up again!!

  3. Hm... I might have to pick up this one. I'm not sure. I've never understood the whole popular girl thing that runs the school. I never cared about that stuff so I just don't relate. However, your review really has me thinking about getting this one.

  4. Yey you liked it! I admit, I'm a huge fan of this book. I can't wait to read more of Amy Holder's books!


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