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Friday, April 22, 2011

Review: Released

Title: Released
Series: Released # 1
Genre: Young Adult- Dystopian
Author: Megan Duncan
Publisher: Self-published
Release Date: April 1, 2011
Book: ARC sent by author

"After a demon apocalypse kills their parents and everyone they know, 17-year old Abby Phillips, her brother, Carter, and friend, Max flee their home to travel through what has become the wastelands of America. When radio transmissions of a resistance offering shelter and safety cease, Abby is tempted to give up. Struggling to overcome life-threatening obstacles in their dangerous journey, Abby and her companions quickly discover there are much worse things lurking in the dark then they could have ever imagined."

I loved this book! Not only was the plot AMAZING but it was like Resident Evil but for teens. Totally enjoyable and unforgettable!! What got me hooked in this book was the plot. As the reader, I enjoyed watching these teen survive the horror of the world. Demons running around killing everyone in site. 
Abby I loved! Her strength and her kick butt moves amazed me. She was strong and just rocked! Carter and Max were a great team. They all stuck by each other and help each other out. I like that they were helpful to others that they came by. Even though they were just teens, they were really mature in how they acted. They took precautions, had weapons, and used anything available to them to survive.

The plot is very good. Ms. Duncan did a great job planning all the twists and turns in the book! The fighting and shooting guns was cool. I enjoyed meeting the crazy people as well. Crazy people in the book are always fun to read. The love interest was great too! I loved how Abby and Max's relationship grew. They knew each other their whole lives and then the world turn to crap bringing them closer. There relationship is a good refreshment to the book. Even as the world is ending, you can read the times that Abby and Max spent together and forget about what was really happening in the book. They are good complements to each other and brought a peaceful atmosphere in the mist of trouble.

Released, is a great, dark, pleasurable read. I was able to read this book in one sitting! Ms. Duncan had a way a of bringing characters to life right before your eyes. The storyline flowed really well and was an easy read. This book had everything you could want in a book. A kick-butt heroine, romance and lots of demon killing!

I give it 5 BITES!

Happy Reading!


  1. I've never heard of this one but it sounds awesome. Resident Evil for teens? Sign me up:) Thanks for sharing this one Savy!

  2. Great review! I must get my hands on this one :)

  3. Hi Savy,
    Another fantastic review! I'm with Jenny -- Resident Evil for teens is the perfect enticement! I'll definitely have to check this one out. Do you find that there was a lot of violence or was it toned down because of the YA category? Have a great weekend!


  4. This sounds so good, I love that you don't just read the mainstream books, it lets me learn about books I otherwise would never have known about!

  5. Thanks for the amazing review! I am totally speechless and my heart is thumping in my chest. :-) Your kind words make me want to run to my laptop and get cracking on book #2.

  6. SOLD. I am downloading this right now onto my kindle as I type since it is only 99 CENTS!!!! (gawd that is a dangerous device). Loved the review Savy :)

  7. Oh I haven't heard of this one but the price is right. Nice. Thanks for the review I must check it out now!


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