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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Teen Book Con 2011

So this year, I had the privilege of going to The Teen Book Con in Houston, Tx. Since we drove it took 8 hours to get there! But I was super excited to meet lots of authors and bloggers! 

The Teen Book Con was held at Alief Taylor High School.

Once we got in, you registered on a pink slip and were able to pick one ARC! I got a ARC of Abandoned by Meg Cabot!

During The Teen Book Con there are different panels you can attend. Here is The Lighter Side panel featuring authors: Deb Caletti, Lindsey Leavitte, Stephanie Perkins, Kristen Tracy.

A Walk on the Dark Side featuring authors: Gail Giles, Lauren Myracle Elizabeth Scott, and Ellen Hopkins.

And the last panel I attended was Here there be Ghosts, and Werewolves and everything else... Featuring authors: Rachel Hawkins, Saundra Mitchell, Joy Preble, Stacy Kade and Andrea Cremer.

After that last panel, I went and shopped for books! As you can see I got a lot!

So much that I had to carry them in boxes. Two boxes to be exact :)

And then it was time for the signings!
Ms. Rachel Hawkins

Ms. Joy Preble

Ms. Andrea Cremer

Ms. Stacy Kade

Ms. Deb Caletti

Ms. Stephanie Perkins

Ms. Kristen Tracy

Ms. Saundra Mitchell

Ms. Elizabeth Scott

Overall, I had a blast! I got lots of autograpghs and met many wonderful authors. I have lots of more pictures of bloggers and more panels stuff. If you like to see those head over to the Books with Bite Face Book Page. You can see more photos there.

Thanks again to all the authors and bloggers who were wonderful!

Happy Reading!


  1. hi Savy! green with envy here! when i read about book signings and book conventions, etc i wish i were Stateside. lol. you really had fun and those books all look awesome. thanks for sharing! c",)

  2. I am ridiculously jealous! I think if I met Stephanie Perkins IRL I would be a blubbering/stuttering crazy person! Looks like you had an absolute blast! :)

  3. Deb Caletti looks like she wants to punch someone! o.O

  4. This looks like so much fun!!! and i'm so jealous of those two boxes of books!

  5. It was so much fun! And I am so glad you were there when I was walking in! :)

  6. Love all those pics! You look so cute! Oh man am I jealous of all those books. So glad you had fun!

  7. Savy!!! That is so freaking amazing! Glad you had fun! Thanks for sharing all those awesome pictures.


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