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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

TBR Pile # 1

Hello everyone! So, people have been asking what's on my tbr pile. How many books do I have in my tbr pile? Ectecera, Ectecera.
So here it is:

This is a tupperware full of books that I have bought and need to be read!

Another tupperware (as you can see I am working my way down) full of books that are bought and need to be read!
So my total bought tbr pile is: 123. Which, since last month I have gone done by 10 books. So YAY! Good Job Savannah!!
My Review tbr pile:

This one is not as bad. As soon as I get a book for review, I mark it in my handy dandy pocket calender book for a date to have it reviewed and read by.
On Netgalley I have 18 books. And again, added in my pocket calender so I can have them read and reviewed on time! :)
On Indie Authors I have 9 books that need to be read. And also added to my handy dandy pocket calendar. Seriously people, this pocket calender helps!
That's my pile!
Happy Reading!



  1. OMG! Well at least in case of emergencies you can just pick up the tub and go!

  2. Wow! And I thought my TBR pile was big! You make mine look like nothing! I have not read any of the ones I can see from your pile, except for GLOW. Its awesome! =)

  3. Half Blood was AMAZING! I wish I was half as organized as you are when it comes to scheduling books to review!

  4. @Cari, I know!

    @Becca, Need to read that one!

    @Two Readers, I need to be organized or else I'll get confused!

  5. I'd be happy to take a bunch off your Good luck with the reading pile :)

  6. Wow! That is A LOT of books. I keep track on a spreadsheet.

  7. Nice! I have mine lined up in no particular order on two bookshelves, it's not very organized, though I do keep a separate pile on my desk for things that need to be read and reviewed ASAP (like your wonderful booktour books).

    As for your first bin, everything you have on top I want to read but don't have the book yet. They all sound so good. As for the second bin, I read Revolution last month and loved it - I hope you do too when you get to it!

  8. Holy cow! I will never complain about my massive review tbr again! I'm glad I don't physically see my wishlist! :)

  9. Why do I have the sudden urge to drive over to your house and ask if I can borrow one of those tubs. LOL

    Happy Reading Savy!

  10. I love my Google calender! As soon as I have a book I need to review I add it there! :) And I agree with Missie above...we all want to steal a tub! :)

  11. I have 103 books in my pile so you have me beat by 20 (unless you count the pre-orders, the 49 books on hold and the 5 books checked out from the library, but we won't go there).

    Of course I don't have a blog as an excuse or read as fast as you do...

  12. Nicely organized :-) You must read revolution. It's so wonderful.

  13. I have a crazy TBR, too, but yours is so organized! I'm jealous haha! :)

  14. Wow!!! At least you can never say you have nothing to read!

  15. Wowsa!! I swear I read heaps but my pile never goes down, I read one and another takes its place (im not complaining, I secretly love it) but it does make things interesting!!

    @Cari! haha that was a hell funny comment! Right On! =D

  16. Oh wow!
    You are so organised! I guess it helps that you read so many books though.
    Do you not have a bookcase for the unread ones/Are the ones behind you in your video read ones?


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