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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Blog Tour: Savor

Hello everyone! Please welcome Megan Duncan, author of Released and Savor!

What inspired you to write?

My love of story telling is one of things that inspired me to write.  From an early age I loved to read and escape into the world
within the pages. 

Tell us a little about your current projects.

Currently I am writing Book 2 in the Warm Delicacy series, but I am also working on the first book in another series due out next year.  It is called Dirty, The Tainted Angel Series.  I can't tell you what its about just yet, cause it's sort of my secret project but hopefully the title stirs your imagination.

How do you come up with your characters? Are they based off of people you know?

  A lot of characters have a piece of me in them or are inspired by people I know or characters I have read in other books.

Which character is the hardest to write so far?

I think the hardest character I have had to write so far is my main character in Savor, Claire.

If you were stranded on a island with on book, what book would you take?

If it had to be one book it would be the first book in the Sword of Truth series, by Terry Goodkind.  It is nice and long so it will give me something to do while I'm stuck on the island. :)

Thank you for being here today Ms. Duncan!

About the Megan Ducan:

Hello readers, fellow writers and bloggers! Yes that's me, standing in White Sands New Mexico, a location that will be included in my first book Released. I live in Las Vegas, Nevada, and no I don't live in a casino, but I do live with my husband and my cat Jack, who thinks he is a dog.
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You can find Savor or Release in these places:

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Good Luck and Happy Reading!


  1. You are right about bringing a BIG book with you if you knew you were to be stranded on a island :)

  2. This book has been on my list to read since I first heard about! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  3. That picture in White Sands is awesome and funny! Plus Savor sounds like a great read.


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