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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Book Reflections (1)

Hello everyone! This is a new meme based on books I've read that have really changed how I look at things. I always adored how books can give me a new perspective on things. Not only does it expand my knowledge but I have learn something new.

The book I chose this week is...
"Nobody gets away with telling Eleanor Crowe what to do. But as a pregnant sixteen-year-old, her options are limited: move to Kenya with her missionary parents or marry the baby’s father and work at his family’s summer camp for overweight kids.
Despite her initial reluctance to help out, Elly is surprised that she actually enjoys working with the campers. But a tragedy on the very day her baby is born starts a series of events that overwhelms Elly with unexpected emotions and difficult choices. Somehow, she must turn her usual obstinance in a direction that can ensure a future for herself—and for the new life she has created."
After reading this book, I thought about Elly for days. I rambled about my feelings for her and this book. Let's just say, I talked the ears off my husband. So what did I learn...

1. Adults thinks teenagers are stupid.
One thing I hated while growing up, is when Adults undermined me. Yes, I was a teen, but I am not dumb. Through out the book, Elly is constantly put down, talk down to, and ignored. I hated the fact that just because she made the mistake of being pregnant at 16, doesn't make her completely immobile to do anything else. Elly had to fight for her own rights just to do something as simple as getting something to eat! Teens make mistakes just as adults. We all have to learn from them. And just like Elly, she had to learn from her mistake and deal with it.

2. Give people a CHANCE!
While we all makes mistakes, we ALL deserve a second chance. Poor Elly. She wasn't even given the choice to keep her baby. They said, she couldn't do it. She didn't have a job, etc. Well, she might be able to do it if you give her a chance. Yes, she made the mistake before, but that doesn't mean you can't learn from it. Elly knew what needed to be done. She was willing to work, to do anything, as long as she got to keep the baby. No one wanted to help her. All it takes, is a little helping hand. And the person she got the help from in the end amazed me!

3. Have FAITH!
I admit, toward the end of this book I was about at the end of my rope along with Elly. No one help her. No said she can do it. No one had the courage to give her guideance when she needed it. But she kept her faith. Her determination to keep her baby. To find whatever job she needed to do, a place where ever she can live. She had less then 10 days to have a job/place to live or that was it. Elly, a desperate mother pleaded for help, prayed and it got answered. Her faith to keep her child kept her going when she wanted to give up. I admired Elly strength.

If you have not read this book, you should. It will chance your perspective.
Happy Reading!


  1. Oooo I like this new meme Savy! There are books that have definitely made me chatter away at my husband (much to his chagrin) so it would definitely more fun to put it in a post and talk to other bloggers about it!

  2. I really love your passion about this book! I also think everything you said here was well done! I'm with Jenny... love the new meme!! :)

  3. Great idea Savy! I hadn't even heard of this book before, but it sounds like it has some pretty powerful messages. That's the best part of reading, finding messages that stay with you and help you in RL. :)

  4. This is a wonderful, wonderful meme Savvy and I really like hearing what you took away from this book. I really hope to participate in this in the future. I am much older and I wonder if I would have a different perspective, but I appreciate the way you see things.

  5. These are some great thoughts. Good for me to think about. I tend to be quick to jump to the "she's stupid" conclusion, whether a teenager or an adult. And I don't often give people second chances. At least not until I know the person and their circumstances. I need to be a nicer person - like my husband is :-)


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