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Monday, September 12, 2011

Cover Reveals!

Today I have a few cover reveals I want to show! First is KA Tucker sequel to Anathema called ASYLUM!

"Tucked away in Sofie’s wintery asylum with no hope of release for years, Evangeline must come to terms with her situation: the curse still plagues her, she’s now hunted by a two thousand-year-old vampire, and the guy she’s in love with tried to kill her. Plus, she’s locked up with a cranky Max and the Forero kids—two people everyone seems to prefer dead over alive. Things aren’t looking good.
Meanwhile, back in Manhattan, Sofie struggles to keep forty trapped and bloodthirsty Ratheus vampires at bay and a desperate Viggo from killing Evangeline’s friends, all while hints stir outside the walls of the NYC vampire asylum of a war brewing between the Sentinel and the witches.
Is there any hope for Evangeline and Caden? Can Sofie control the rival powers? Is the fate of Earth predestined?
Find out in Book 2 of the Causal Enchantment series, a sequel to ANATHEMA."

She is giving a copy of her book! Please visit here:

Next up is Jo Ramsey's book called
 Taking Control

"Jonah’s parents have always been supportive of his practices of energy healing, channeling, and yoga. However, now they’re trying to convince him to choose a different career path—and demanding that he find a part-time job. Meanwhile, Shanna is showing up for school injured more often, and when she’s suspended for walking out on the school social worker, her mother’s abuse goes from bad to worse. Shanna’s arm is broken, and Jonah has to persuade her to finally admit what her mother does to her.
With all that going on, it’s little wonder Jonah has nearly forgotten about the entity that’s trying to transmigrate to our universe. However, when a substitute teacher at school seems able to drain energy, sickening another student, Jonah remembers the threat and knows he must take steps to raise the vibration of the person the entity intends to use as a portal.
It’s just that the potential portal isn’t who Jonah thinks it is…and when he finds the right person, he’s afraid he may be too late."
Wonderful covers!

Happy Reading!



  1. Oh wow I love the Asylum cover! I want to read it just because of it!!

    GIselle at Xpresso Reads

  2. Ditto on that Asylum cover. Absolutely gorgeous!


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