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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Review: Frost

Title: Frost
Series: No
Genre: Young Adult- Supernatural
Author: Marianna Baer
Publisher: Blazer + Bray
Release Date: September 13, 2011
Book: ARC Sent by publisher

"Leena Thomas’s senior year at boarding school begins with a shock: Frost House, her cozy dorm of close friends, has been assigned an unexpected roommate: confrontational, eccentric Celeste Lazar. But while Leena’s anxiety about a threat to her sanctuary proves valid, it becomes less and less clear whether the threat lies with her new roommate, within Leena’s own mind, or within the very nature of Frost House itself. Mysterious happenings in the dorm, an intense triangle between Leena, Celeste, and Celeste’s brother, and the reawakening of childhood fears, all push Leena to take increasingly desperate measures to feel safe. Frost is the story of a haunting. As to whether the demons are supernatural or psychological . . . well, which answer would let you sleep at night?"

I just love it when books mess with my head. Not only does it leave me with wanting more but I am so into the book I can not put it down. I love the idea of a boarding school far away with strange and mysterious things happening! Exciting!

One thing I enjoyed about this book is the great plot line. It is very filling and very exciting, With every turn of the page, I wanted more. I love that Ms. Baer made it easy for the reader to fall into the book. Her writing is smooth and not confusing at all. I like how easily the reader is able to fall into the book. The way Ms. Baer wrote the book is making you think something else really left me reeling. I love the feeling of being amused by the writer.

The characters in the book were great as well. Ms. Baer did a great job in capturing the voices of very different teenagers. I like how they didn't sounds the same but each had their own unique stamp. Nothing is repeated so it won't confuse the reader. The love interest in this book is different, yet I still like it. I love the loyalty they had.

Frost is a great book that messes with your mind. I liked that the writer engulfs the reader in her writing, as well as in the story. It makes you feel the Frost house, the coldness of the room, and the raising of the hair on the back of your neck. Read it!

I give it 4 BITES!

Happy Reading!


  1. I've heard good things about this one. It's always nice when an author does a good job capturing teen voices. Hard to do well - and since she didn't get repetitive.

  2. The plot sounds amazing. I like that it sounds unexpected. Great review Savy :)

  3. I like stories that mess with my head too, mostly because there is not enough in there so a little shake up is always appreciated. LOL

    I've been so curious about this one. Thanks for the review.

  4. Oh Love it! Messing with my head. Seriously I love that! I can't wait to get this one!

  5. Great review! I loved Frost so much, because it messed with my head. Glad you liked it too! :)


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