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Friday, October 7, 2011

Birthday Book Haul!

Hello Everyone! Today is my 27th birthday! I had an amazing day! Thank you to God for everything that he has done for me. Everything I have is because of him. I am grateful for my family, my husband, my son and so many things I do not deserve!
My daddy gave me money for my birthday and I went out book shopping!
Watch my Birthday Book Haul.
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Thank you for all the birthday wishes! 
Happy Reading!



  1. Happy Birthday! Those cupcakes are so cute! I've been dying to get a copy of Enthralled and As I Wake too. Great book haul :)

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SAVY! I hope it's been brilliant :)

    Great vlog, as per usual!

  3. Happy Birthday!! I hope you had an awesome time! :D

  4. Happy birthday!!!! Mine is on the 9th. All I want are books too=)

  5. Awwww Happy Birthday!!!!! We're the same age! I am feeling OLD! Lucky you scoring some bookstore money! I can't wait to read Isle of Night!

    TaraTagli at gmail dot com

  6. Haha saw that you were going to show "said book" but decided against it to save it for you B.O.D video :p

    I feel like cupcakes now :(

  7. Happy Birthday Savy! That's really great that you got book birthday money :)

  8. Maligayang kaarawan (happy b'da in Tagalog)!! :)

  9. Happy birthday, Savy! Those cupcakes looks so YUM! I ordered the Enthralled anthology a while back, but it still hasn't arrived. Grr... I need to find out about Rafe from Desires of the Dead!

    Hope you had a great day! xx

  10. Happy Birthday ^__^
    How cool are the Hunger Games cupcakes? Love them! They seem very tasty :]
    Isle of night seems pretty good. I´ll wait for your review. I love the cover of Dark Souls *__*
    I´m gonna search First Kill in Goodreads.

    Have a great day!

  11. Happy Birthday! I don't think there's a better gift than books or money so you can buy them :-D

    Paranormal Haven

  12. Happy Birthday Savannah! I hope you have a great birthday weekend - reading, of course!!

  13. Happy birthday! You look glowing, and what a lovely book haul! Have a great time with your family! :)

  14. Happy B-day! Cool cupcakes! Hope the lunch was delish and great haul!

  15. Cool! Happy Birthday:)

    Kristy @


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