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Monday, October 31, 2011

Blog Tour: A Whisper to Scream

Hello fellow readers! I have the wonder author Lauren Hammond with us today!

She is talking about her new book, A Whisper to Scream. Check it out!

Happy Halloween, everyone!

I'm so excited for today's guest post because I get to talk about two of my favorite character's; Ellory and Adam, two ill-fated teens in my dark YA horror/romance, A Whisper To A Scream.
Ohhh Ellory and Adam, where do I begin? LOL.

I have to say that out of all the characters in my books, these two were the most challenging at the same time the most fun to create. I've always known that I liked to write/tackle dark topics. Mostly because as a reader dark topics always intrigued me.  Ellory and Adam are a different pair of star-crossed lovers. One is a sassy rebel, the other is a monster.

Both characters are living zombies, not in the undead sense, but because neither one of them really feels. Ellory puts up a wall, afraid to feel anything after witnessing her parents marriage go down the tubes and Adam was born emotionless because he's a sociopath.

Adam is a killer, he's psycho, yet at the same time he's a total package; beautiful, talented, smart, and throughout his whole life, the only thing he's ever wanted to do is feel emotion and he can't. He knows he's a monster. He knows he's bad to the core, but he doesn't want to be that guy. He doesn't want hurt people, almost like a Jekyll and Hyde affect, the switch goes on and off. Until he meets Ellory, who is nothing like what he's used to. She's not particularly beautiful, in fact, she's more of a tomboy wearing ripped jeans and rock-n-roll tees, and she's got a mouth like a trucker. But for the first time in Adam's life, he doesn't get his urges around her. Then he finds himself swearing that never do anything to harm her. He'd kill or die for her. This shakes him up inside because for someone who wants nothing more than to be able to love or feel anything, he thinks he might finally be feeling it.

With Ellory, she chooses to live numb. She'd rather have no attachment to a guy because she's afraid of getting hurt or going through what she watched her mother go through when her father left. She's acts out, sneaking out, drinking, all to conceal how vulnerable and destroyed she really is inside. I think in general, Ellory is just as surprised as Adam when she lets herself fall for him. And everything Ellory does, she does hard. She parties hard, she fights hard, and she loves hard. So even after she finds out about the monster in Adam she wants to help him, and she can't let her love for him go.
I've provided some teasers from the novel and I hope you check out the first installment in The Sociopath Diaries, A Whisper To A Scream..

Have a Spooktacular Halloween!

ADAM - There were severalinstances when he tried to suppress his urges. He remembered one time in particularwhen he locked himself in the closet. Not even that worked. When the urge tosee a crimson red river flowing from a human being overwhelmed him, he kickeddown the closet door. He stood in front ofthe mirror in his bedroom and touched his face. “You’re a monster,” he saidaloud. “No one can help you.”

ELLORY - A sickening paincuts through my stomach. I hunch over, wrapping my hands around the back of myknees. I can’t breathe. I keep telling myself he’s lying. I keep telling myselfthat eventually he’ll break down and tell me he’s sorry. He’ll tell me that hedoesn’t know what’s come over him. But he doesn’t and the incessant pain insideof me clutches onto me tighter and doesn’t let go. I hit my knees as the painspreads. It travels through me like a virus, branching off and infecting adifferent portion of my body. All of my limbs hang heavy. My heart is hollow.The walls in Adam’s room are closing in and in seconds I’m afraid they’llsmother me to death. Is this what heartbreak feels like?

BLURB: Sometimes love....can be deadly.

Twitter: @NovelistLauren

"Ellory Graham detested high school. She relished the fact that she was a rebel. A wild, carefree, type of girl. She basked in the glory of being the type of girl who stood up to authority. Unfortunately for her, her upfront, honest and bitchy nature always managed to land her in some kind of trouble.
Adam Jacobs was everything Ellory was not. Not only was he beautiful, but he was smart, artistic, and sweet. To almost every girl he seemed like the total package- that all around perfect guy. But in a town were nothing particularly interesting happens, and gossip seems like the only fun thing to do, sometimes those perfections become flaws. And it doesn’t take long for Ellory to find out, even Adam has secrets.

 But Adam’s secrets, are the kind of secrets people die for..."

Where you can purchase....

Thank you Ms. Hammond for being here today!

Happy Halloween!


  1. Wow, this sounds like a dark, intense read based on her descriptions of Ellory and Adam! Definitely interested in knowing more about them, Adam especially. Awesome guest post!

  2. This sounds great. I am looking forward to picking this one up.

  3. Woah... that does sound dark! This book really sounds like an interesting take on zombies. I'm curious!

  4. OoOo sounds very good. I have downloaded it to the Nook =)

  5. Love the sound of this, off to find out more!


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