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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Review: Ship Breaker

Title: Ship Breaker
Series: Ship Breaker # 1
Genre: Young Adult- Dystopian
Author: Paolo Bacigalupi
Publisher: Little, Browns Books For Young Readers
Release Date: October 3, 2011
Book: FC sent by publisher
"Winner of the 2011 Michael L. Printz Award

In America's Gulf Coast region, where grounded oil tankers are being broken down for parts, Nailer, a teenage boy, works the light crew, scavenging for copper wiring just to make quota--and hopefully live to see another day. But when, by luck or chance, he discovers an exquisite clipper ship beached during a recent hurricane, Nailer faces the most important decision of his life: Strip the ship for all it's worth or rescue its lone survivor, a beautiful and wealthy girl who could lead him to a better life.…

In this powerful novel, award-winning author Paolo Bacigalupi delivers a thrilling, fast-paced adventure set in a vivid and raw, uncertain future."

This book is nothing like I expected it to be. As I began reading, it took on a road that I never seen before. I loved the action, the suspense, but I also enjoyed the fear of anger, hurt, and love the flowed between the pages.

The reader is presented with a character that is strong yet fearful of going home. With an abusive past, Nailer, has grown up quick and learns things fast. He is not who people thinks he is. He has learned what to say and not to say. He goes in motions of things in order to keep his father at bay. I really like how the author brings the strong emotion of fear into the reader. Immediately, I felt Nailer's fear and anxiety within a few minutes into the book. There is nothing like a a great author who can put those kinds of emotions into a readers heart.

The plot line of the book is filled with many twist and turns that I felt lead the main character Nailer to a destiny he never thought he see. Since Nailer is always put down, hot on, Nailer thinks that nothing good can come of him. With one change of the sea, Nailer is now not only fighting for himself, but for something he loves. I really loved watching Nailer overcome his tribulations to become a better man then his trashy father.

The love interest in this book gave Nailer an hope and future. I loved it when love can give you more strength that you ever though you had. Nailer became someone else, someone strong and did not give up. I adore that Nailer finally see who he is. 

This is great book filled with a great emotional roller coaster. I loved the dialogue in this book as well as the strength of the characters. Filled with dark, angst parts, this book gives a ray of hope with the love and fighting. 

I give it 4 BITES!

Happy Reading!


  1. Oh this sounds like a good book! Especially the fight part. Not that I like to fight, but it's fun in a book. I also am guessing you don't like the father? ;)

  2. I'm often scared away from award winning books. Did this one ever feel like the author was trying too hard to be literary or did the story always carry you away?

  3. @Alison, I felt as first it was trying to hard, but as I got more into the story, I really enjoyed it.

  4. @Melissa,
    NO. He was a jerk face! When you read, you'll see why.

  5. OoOo I've seen this at B&N as a FL read but just haven't picked it up, great review. I will have to check into seeing if our library has it (doubtful, they don't have many YA at all =( ) great review, it does make me a lot more interested in the book than I was before!


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