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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Review: Brightest kind of Darkness

Title: Brightest Kind of Darkness
Series: The Brightest Kind of Darkness # 1
Genre: Young Adult- Paranormal/Fantasy
Author: PT Michelle
Publisher: Self-Pub
Release Date: June 27, 2011
Book: E-copy sent by author

"Nara Collins is an average sixteen-year-old, with one exception: every night she dreams the events of the following day. Due to an incident in her past, Nara avoids using her special gift to change fate…until she dreams a future she can’t ignore.

After Nara prevents a bombing at Blue Ridge High, her ability to see the future starts to fade, while people at school are suddenly being injured at an unusually high rate.

Grappling with her diminishing powers and the need to prevent another disaster, Nara meets Ethan Harris, a mysterious loner who seems to understand her better than anyone. Ethan and Nara forge an irresistible connection, but as their relationship heats up, so do her questions about his dark past."

One thing that I enjoy about books is the way the plot flows. This plot not only flowed nicely, but grabbed the reader at every turn of the page. I have never been so bombarded by literary goodness that all I could do is eat popcorn, snuggle deeply with the book and hold on for the ride!

First off, the characters from the start are so great flawed in every good way that you can;'t help but be in there shoes. The characters are interesting, fresh, uniquely sculpted that the author makes you want to know more. From the moment, I was in Nara shoes feeling the side of the high school wall, I was done for. Hooked in. The thought of these characters holding something life changing, intrigued me to no end.

The plot itself, is full of twist and turns, I loved living every moment of it. The flashes, the death threats, the constant on the run scenario, it made it easy for the reader to fall in to the book and live it, in the readers mind. That fact that I was no longer in my world but in Ms. Michelle world's came to me when I was so into the book, that I hadn't even notice that my son was standing right in front of me, asking me something. Now, that is a sign of a good book!

The love interest and the way it intertwined with the past, the present and the future really grabbed me hard. I loved reading Ethan and Nara explore all the possibilities of what is happening to them. I loved the fierceness of their relationship and how close they got to each other. I really enjoyed see them vulnerable. It make the characters easier to see and connect to.

This book is amazing! Ever word, every page lead me onto a higher place! I loved being taken by surprise, gasping 10 pages in, and having my heart flutter with love. If you want an book that will knock you off your feet, read this book.

I give it 5 BITES!

Happy Reading!


  1. Awww, I love the Christmas header, Savannah! I agree it was a great book! I found that YA reads sometimes get too cliche, and this one was extremely refreshing and lovely!

  2. Between your review and Melissa's, this book has now skyrocketed to the top of my wish list! The relationship sounds really intense, so I'm looking forward to meeting Ethan and Nara. Thanks Savy!

  3. Hi Savannah,

    Thank you so much for the high praise of BRIGHTEST KIND OF DARKNESS! I'm thrilled you loved Ethan and Nara's story. :)


  4. Sweet! I have won this but it got pushed back in my review tbr. I can't wait to start it! I'm so stoked!

  5. YYYYAAAAAYYYY!!! I absolutely LOVED this one! So happy you did too! <3

    Xpresso Reads

  6. BAH, I've been hearing soooo many great things about this book! I've got it added to my TBR list, I really want this one! Great review!

  7. I never realised this was a self published book?! Sounds like a great read - its already on my wishlist, but I may have to read it soon. Thanks for your review :)

  8. Oh wow this sounds awesome. You make it sound so exciting. I'm adding it to my list for sure.

  9. Sounds like I might just have to add this one to my "to buy" list.


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