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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Review: Ditched

Title: Ditched: A Love Story
Series: No
Genre: Young Adult-Contemporary
Author: Robin Mellon
Publisher: Disney-Hyperion
Release Date: January 10, 2012
Book: Netgalley

"High school senior Justina Griffith was never the girl who dreamed of going to prom. Designer dresses and strappy heels? Not her thing. So she never expected her best friend, Ian Clark, to ask her.
Ian, who always passed her the baseball bat handle first.
Ian, who knew exactly when she needed red licorice.
Ian, who promised her the most amazing night at prom.
And then ditched her.
Now, as the sun rises over her small town, and with only the help of some opinionated ladies at the 7-Eleven, Justina must piece together — stain by stain on her thrift-store dress — exactly how she ended up dateless. A three-legged Chihuahua was involved. Along with a demolition derby-ready Cadillac. And there was that incident at the tattoo parlor. Plus the flying leap from Brian Sontag's moving car...
But to get the whole story, Justina will have to face the boy who ditched her. And discover if losing out at prom can ultimately lead to true love.
Filled with humor, charm, and romance, Ditched: A Love Story by debut novelist Robin Mellom will have readers dreaming of love on their own prom nights."

This is such a cute story that left me laughing and smiling so much! I adored that characters and her story-telling of what happened that night. It 's so crazy and exciting that it totally leaves you breathless!

This story starts off with a girl crazy in love, swirling into a turn of events that will have you laughing. One thing I enjoyed about this book is the main character Justina. After fighting her feelings about Ian, things have turn out not what she expected. I enjoyed reading about Justina and see her crazy roller coaster emotions. I remember being a teen and realize now, that the things I thought were so important, that if they didn't get fixed right away that I would die, were petty things. Justina has bouts of her emotions going everywhere. And like her, I did the same thing too. Always crying, whining over dumb things. It was good to see a teenage girl act the way I acted when I was young.

The love interest in this story is nice. I like how both were scared after what was done to both of them. Seeing them enjoy each others company is a nice touch to the story. Seeing them run around like chickens with no heads and the crazy things they did is even funnier. I admit that some of the things done may seem overboard, but it did come together nicely at the end of the story.

With that said, this book reminded me of  the movie The Hangover. Dog swapping, late night burger stops, and plenty of drama, Justina night is filled with stories I'm sure the reader will never forget. Have a crazy dress your mom made you wear to prom? Well then, read this story. It will give you a prom night you will never forget.

I give it 5 BITES!

Happy Reading!


  1. This sounds very cute. And I do like how books portray the life of a teen - where little things seem like a big deal. That can come of silly if not done well or if the reader doesn't remember what being a teen was like.

  2. I'm really excited for this one! It seems like a lighter, funnier read and I'm in the mood for something like that - something I can just sit down with and smile all the way through. Thanks for the review Savy!

  3. I was just thinking I wanted to find some YA where teens actually have fun and laugh, so thanks for the review, Savy.

  4. Funny? Oh you have me at that. I love funny. I so should give it a whirl!

  5. THE HANGOVER!! Omg I so have to read this! I already had my eye on it too. Damn I almost bought it tonight at Chapters. Gah!!

  6. I haven't heard of this but it sounds so cute, I'll have to check it out!


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