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Friday, January 6, 2012

Review: Incarnate

Title: Incarnate
Series: NewSoul # 1
Gere: Young Adult-Paranormal
Author: Jodi Meadows
Publisher: HarperCollins
Release Date: January 31, 2012
Book: ARC sent by publisher/Paragraphs Books

Ana is new. For thousands of years in Range, a million souls have been reincarnated over and over, keeping their memories and experiences from previous lifetimes. When Ana was born, another soul vanished, and no one knows why.

Even Ana’s own mother thinks she’s a nosoul, an omen of worse things to come, and has kept her away from society. To escape her seclusion and learn whether she’ll be reincarnated, Ana travels to the city of Heart, but its citizens are suspicious and afraid of what her presence means. When dragons and sylph attack the city, is Ana to blame?

Sam believes Ana’s new soul is good and worthwhile. When he stands up for her, their relationship blooms. But can he love someone who may live only once, and will Ana’s enemies—human and creature alike—let them be together? Ana needs to uncover the mistake that gave her someone else’s life, but will her quest threaten the peace of Heart and destroy the promise of reincarnation for all?"

This is a book I have been dying to read and I feel so honored that I have gotten to read it!! What I enjoyed most about this book is the great plot line. It was filled with amazing twists and turns, lies and betrayals. From the first page, I was immediately intrigued by  what Ms. Meadows created. With every turn of the page, the character is forced into problem after problem, strongly making her way out.

I love the prejudiced in the book. Just because she is new soul, she created such a riff in her community. I loved watching the people scatter likes chickens in what and who she is. I can tell that Ana is someone with a great destiny! No matter how hateful and mean people are to her, Ana always clearly remains herself. Ms. Meadows writing created amazing tension and always left me excited to read the next page. This book is so easy to fall into and fall in love with.

Now, the love interest, I LOVED! I loved watching Ana, be more of herself around the one she loves instead of being so guarded. Granted she has every right to be, it was good to see Ana be at peace and smile. I adored reading and watching these two characters now care what everyone else thinks, but love one another.

If you want a fresh new book to read, one with a new soul taking a journey never walked before read this book. I think that you will find it refreshing to read something new and exciting!

I give it 4 BITES!

Happy Reading!


  1. I really loved this one too, I thought it was unique and different and I adored Ana! The whole prejudice was both infuriating and intriguing, I wanted to reach in and smack some people which made me realize just how involved I was. Really nice review Savy, I can't wait for the next book!

  2. I can't wait to read this one! Sounds like it has great characters, which has kind of been my hook lately. :) Also, it's always nice to read something that is different and breaks away from familiar storylines.

    Great review!
    Jessi @ Reading in the Corner

  3. Omggggg I definitely loved this book soooo much :))

    Anna @ Literary Exploration

  4. I'm really liking the sound of the romance angle in this one because the characters don't seem to deny their feelings. That's refreshing. Thanks, Savy.

  5. I have this to read. I am glad you liked it!


  6. Oh I'm jelly! Need peanut butter stat! I've been wanting to read this one and now I know I must! I must know Ana!

  7. Cannot wait to read this one! Books about reincarnation intrigue me, especially when done well and/or offer us something new to this trope. Plus Jodi is such a sweetheart in real life, and I just wish all the best for her and for Incarnate!


  8. Now I'm looking forward to Incarnate even more. I had it on my TBR January list before and doesn't it sound fantastic?! Ty very much for your review!

  9. I’m a writer, book lover, and your newest blog follower! My blog is Life of Lois Feel free to stop on by.


  10. I really enjoyed this one as well =) my review will be up later this month! Great review as always Savannah!


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