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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Review: The Alchemy of Forever

Title: The Alchemy of Forever
Series: Incarnation # 1
Genre: Young Adult-Paranormal/Fantasy
Author: Avery Williams
Publisher: Simon and Schuster for Young Readers
Release Date: January 3, 2012
Book: ARC given by Paragraphs Books

"Seraphina has been alive since the Middle Ages, when her boyfriend, Cyrus, managed to perfect a method of alchemy that lets them swap bodies with any human being. Sera ran away from Cyrus years ago, when she realized that what they were doing--taking the lives of innocent people--was wrong. She doesn't want to die, so she finds young people who are on the brink of death, and inhabits their bodies."

A very quick and exciting read, this book I enjoyed. It was very easy to get into that I sort of forgot where I was at cause I was so consumed with this amazing story.

What I liked most about this book is the great plot. Lately the plots of the books I have been reading have be intriguing me so much. I loved a good plot that is not only paced right, but fulfilling with each page turn. Sera , the main character, takes the reader on an adventure of lives that she held. I love that Sera see everything black and white. There are no gray ares for her. She is truthful in what she wants. She doesn't want to harm others but just be herself. Sera is really unique when it comes to characters. Ms. Williams wrote this characters with great dimension. Right from the start, I knew where Sear stood.

The love interest in this book took turns where I didn't think it would. Still, it was good. I love how well the love formed in the story. It wasn't fast but so enjoyable to read. To see how the character is different from what other people know her as is good. I love seeing things from every point of view. Ms. Williams did a fantastic job in capturing the essence of her characters and letting them flow freely in her writing.

 The Alchemy Of Forever weaves a beautiful tale of love and magic. Readers will enjoy the new take of alchemy and it's magical forms. If anything, The Alchemy Of Forever is a thrilling enchantment story that can reign anyone in.

I give it 4 BITES!

 Happy Reading!


  1. I haven't heard of this one yet. It looks good. Thanks for the review!!!

  2. I can't wait to read this one! I got a copy just the other day. I think it sounds great!

    1. Alchemy has always interest me. It has a good twist in it.

  3. I've been in a bit of a plot funk lately myself Savy! I'm still waiting for that book that will pull me out of it and give me something I just can't put down. Maybe I need to give this one a try...:)

    1. Jenny, I hope it does! It took me by surprise :)

  4. I've been thinking about reading this one. Covers always draw me in sigh. I'll get it eventually =)

  5. Oh wow! I haven't heard of this one. You keep getting books on my radar that hadn't been there before.

    1. You do that to me too! I always add books cause of you! Some very hot ones too! LOL!


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