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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Blog Tour: Changeling

Welcome to The Changelings Blog Tour!
Today I have an excerpt to share with you!

"I looked down to report my observations to Tony but I couldn’t see him anymore.
No answer.  I began to get worried.  I was thinking he might have fallen.  We were out here in the middle of nowhere – and now I’d seen just how out in the middle of nowhere we really were – and if he was hurt, I wasn’t sure how I was going to get him out of the forest or even to the next waypoint.
I scrambled down the tree as fast as I could.  I dropped to the ground at the last branch and stood, looking around the base of the tree to see if I could locate Tony.  He wasn’t there, but his backpack was, his axe lying on top.
“Holy shit ... Tony!” I whisper-yelled because I was afraid Niles and his little buddy were still close by.  “Tony!”
I heard the sound of a voice – a female voice, coming from around the other side of the tree.  That’s weird.  I walked around in time to see Tony standing in front of a crooked old hag, getting ready to plunge into what looked like a heavy-duty makeout session. His hands were on the hag’s waist and his head was tilted, angled to the side in expectation of a real juicy liplock.
“Oh god, Tony, that’s disgusting!  Get away from her!”  I ran over to break up the love fest."

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  1. Haven't heard of this one before! Thanks for letting me know about it.


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