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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Clarification: Meme's/Policies/Blog Name

With the whole plagiarism coming to light, I wanted to make a public announcement about my meme's. Now, I have Googled them all and no one else appears to be using them. In any case, I want to make double sure. I know that with bigger blogs there is more drama. I want to make sure that anything I have will not come back to haunt me.  The last thing I want is for someone to lash out on me for stealing something.

Here it goes:

Supporting My B.O.D (Book Obsession Disorder)
It's a meme used to show off the book I buy and books I get for review

Book Blogging 411
Meme used to answer book blogging questions
(And yes, I already spoke with Rachel from Parajunkee on this topic. They are similar but my content is different)

Just Release It Already
Meme used on what books I want NOW!!!

Book Reflections
Meme used to reflect on hot topic in books (Drugs, sex, addiction, alcohol, religion)

Book Shelf Tour
Meme used in showing off my shelf's (But everyone has this! If there is a problem let me know)

The Bomb Diggity
A new meme used for books that are DA BOMB!

If anyone has any of these meme names or anything similar to it. Please let me know! I do not want to ever be accused of stealing or plagiarism. Contact me ASAP!  Speak up  now or forever hold your peace.


Well then, from here are out I declare these meme's mine!

Now my blog name I had searched on google when I started blogging and no one had it. I have been informed that new website is up. I want to clarify that my site was up before them. In fact, I have proof with a screen caption.

Their launch date for there website was 12/16/2010. You can view their post HERE

Mine first blog post was June 16, 2010. A full six months before their site was launched. You can read my first post HERE

Now, I have no problem sharing the name. But if a problem were to occur, I do have that proof that mine site was up first. 

I have re-written all of my policies in collaboration with Chayse (The Book Reaper). I want to make sure that none of my policies look like no one else's. I got the policies from free policies websites which I have link at the bottom of my policies. 

Again, this is to ensure that all of my stuff is original. After everything that has happen over this past week, I want to make sure that I am in the clear. 

If anyone has any concerns with anything that I have, please contact me at bwithbite at gmail dot com. 


Happy Reading!

And if no one email's me, then I know that I am okay :)


  1. I was thinking of doing the same kind of post Savvy! I love your Bomb Diggity idea!

  2. Yeah, now I'm worried that Sundays In Bed With meme isn't quite so original...

  3. I have no worries about you Savvy. It does make one paranoid though.

  4. My policies are honestly a mix of what I've read on many, many blogs, to the point where no one thing is "taken", but I've read a lot of policies to figure out what the heck I should add to my own. (Except for my Privacy policy, that one's from one of those free maker thingies.) It's one of those things where, if someone wanted me to take down my policies because they were too similar, I'd ask them to look around, because they're all similar. I've never heard anyone complain about policies that cover the same things though, and as long as nothing is directly copied, I can't see much wrong with it. How else are you supposed to figure out what too include if you've never seen one before?:)

    But yay for your original memes, and for things like bookshelf tours I don't think anyone can possibly try to claim it as their own - we all like showing off our shelves:)

  5. I know a lot of the other bloggers I follow ask others to use their memes, with notations as to where the original meme idea came from and using links back to the originating site, thereby creating a sort of circle of people who are following the same memes. I would never use someone's meme that didn't specifically ask me to use them, but I'm wondering (I'm fairly new to blogging) if it is also common to create your own memes that you use exclusively. I have a lot of respect for people who do a lot of blogging, as mine is mostly book reviews and information about upcoming releases, cover reveals, sales and such that I get from publishers and authors. don't know how y'all manage to get so much done :-)

  6. Supporting my BOD and The Bomb Diggity sounds awesome! I'm definitely participating in some of these memes.

  7. Good for you for taking the steps to clarify everything! A for effort, definitely. And I think I may need to start taking part in the Supporting my BOD meme. I have a vacancy for a mailboxish post due to the shenanigannery going on. And yours seems right up my alley!

  8. There is only one Books with Bite in my book! xoxo Your new meme names and buttons are cute.

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden


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