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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Review: Ascend

 Title: Ascend
Series: Tyrlle Trilogy # 3
Genre: Young Adult- Paranormal
Author: Amanda Hocking
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Release Date: April 24, 2012
Book: FC sent by publisher

"Wendy Everly is facing an impossible choice. The only way to save the Trylle from their deadliest enemy is by sacrificing herself. If she doesn’t surrender to the Vittra, her people will be thrust into a brutal war against an unbeatable foe. But how can Wendy leave all her friends behind…even if it’s the only way to save them?
The stakes have never been higher, because her kingdom isn’t the only thing she stands to lose. After falling for both Finn and Loki, she’s about to make the ultimate choice…who to love forever. One guy has finally proven to be the love of her life—and now all their lives might be coming to an end. 
Everything has been leading to this moment. The future of her entire world rests in her hands—if she’s ready to fight for it."

Alright, after reading the first two books I fell in love. I loved the characters, the plot, everything. But for some reason as much as I wanted to love this book, I was not happy with the ending.

When I first started this book I was for sure I knew who she end up with. Let me tell you that this author has many playing cards up her sleeve because it so did not end that that way!!!  I was surprised yet shocked. I did not want to believe it. Though I have to admit, that quick change that is done takes the reader for a surprise of their life.

I am sad to see the series go. I like how nicely done all ties at the end were tied. Questions were answered, kingdom is saved and the reign of a new king and queen starts. I enjoyed the fight for her freedom as well as her love grow for the ones that she loves. Wendy fought for so many people and for so many things. It's good to see her happy for once.

Ascend is a great ending to a fantastic series! The development of the characters, the depth of their growth pulls the reader to a world of excitement. Ascend is wonderful!

I give it 4 BITES!

Happy Reading!


  1. Oh I was so thrilled with who Wendy ended up with! It never happens in YA books and Hocking really did make for a shocking change.

    I'm also sad to see the series end. I really connected with all of the characters and the world surrounded them. I actually didn't think i'd like this series when I bought it. But I fell inlove instantly.

  2. MUST READ THIS SERIES SAVY! I've heard so many good things about it, but I haven't had time to pick it up yet. I'm really excited to read WAKE as well, I apparently just need to go on an Amanda Hocking binge:)

  3. Oh I like a series that surprises you. I have the first book but have yet to dive in. Hm... I think I'm with Jenny... you have me wanting to start this series!

  4. Yeek, it's a bumba when a book doesn't end the way you want it to. Sometimes I have to rewrite the ending in my head, so I get the satisfaction I'd hoped to get from it. Lucky for the author we all have different expectations and desires for endings.

  5. Gah I still have to read the first one in this series. Glad that you liked it though, we have the same taste so I'm sure I'll like it.


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