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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Review: The Summer My Life Began

Title: The Summer My Life Began
Series: No
Genre: Young Adult-Contemporary
Author: Shannon Greenland
Publisher: Speak
Release Date: May 10, 2012
Book: Netgalley

"Elizabeth Margaret—better known as Em—has always known what life would contain: an internship at her father’s firm, a degree from Harvard and a career as a lawyer. The only problem is that it’s not what she wants. When she gets the opportunity to get away from it all and spend a month with the aunt she never knew, she jumps at the chance. While there, Em pursues her secret dream of being a chef, and she also learns that her family has kept some significant secrets from her, too. And then there’s Cade, the laid-back local surfer boy who seems to be everything Em isn't. Naturally, she can’t resist him, and as their romance blossoms, Em feels she is living on her own terms for the first time."

You know your life began when you learn things about yourself. Elizabeth Margret has been brought up to be an impeccable lady with a good up-bringing in society. But she  help but feel like something is missing. Like everything for her life has been laid out for her all she has to do is take it. What is holding her back? I 'll tell you that these types of stories are my favorite. To find the missing piece in your life.

What I adored most about this book is the great plot. I like that Elizabeth took a chance. She need to find what is missing in her life. That small step forward of visiting a place she has never been before, making new friends, and most importantly, finding out who you really are. Not just what people say you are. Elizabeth is fun and addicting. She is the type of friend that everyone loves to be around. Full of light and smiles, Elizabeth looks at thing differently. I admired her strength to ask questions and find answers. They were not what she thought it was, but it brought truth to her.

The love interest played out differently then what I though it would. She meets a new guys but doesn't go after him right away. She came to do what she wanted to find and allows time to find that. She never lost site of her answers cause of  partying, boys or denial. She knew what she wanted and went after it. 

The biggest part I loved is learning the secret that has been kept from her, her entire life. It was only then that things finally made sense. And the steps she took after that, to do what she wanted to do, made me proud.

The Summer My Life Began fills the reader with hope and inspiration. Finding the strength to search for long lost answers and redeeming yourself in the end. A perfect beach read to enjoy, The Summer My Life Began is awesome!

I give it 4 BITES!

Happy Reading!


  1. Hope and inspiration, now there's somthing I like to see in a book. Thanks for noticing.

  2. It's always fun when the love story manages to surprise you! Especially when you read as many books as we do. :)

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden


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