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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Review: Scary School

Title: Scary School
Series: Scary School # 1
Genre: Middle Grade-Fantasy
Author: Derek the Ghost  & Scott M. Fischer (Illustrator)
Publisher: HarperCollins
Release Date: June 21, 2012
Book: E-copy sent by author

"You think your school's scary?
Get a load of these teachers:
"Ms. Fang," an 850-year-old vampire
"Dr. Dragonbreath," who just might eat you before recess
"Mr. Snakeskin"--science class is so much more fun when it's taught by someone who's half zombie
"Mrs. T"--break the rules and spend your detention with a hungry "Tyrannosaurus rex"
Gargoyles, goblins, and Frankenstein's monster on the loose
The world's most frighteningly delicious school lunch
The narrator's an eleven-year-old ghost
Join Charles "New Kid" Nukid as he makes some very Scary friends--including Petunia, Johnny, and Peter the Wolf--and figures out that Scary School can be just as funny as it is spooky."

What a cute book! I am so glad that I finally got to read it. This book is not something I normally read but I wanted something funny and easy to read. And this book did the trick.

Scary School! Everything a new kid goes through school except a little different. There are many funny moments in the book that make me snicker and snort. The plot line itself is simple yet engaging. A new kid coming in, facing new school blues, adjusting to new teachers, and new students.

The illustrations in the book goes along nicely with each new chapter. I loved that each illustration depicts a  nerdy student or a crazy fang teacher! LOL! With each new chapter, the reader meets a new character that only add more my imagination.

Scary School is a great book for kids. Filled with funny characters and amazing drawings, it's enough to capture any kids mind. Scary school is awesome!

I give it 4 BITES!

Happy Reading!


  1. This does sound like such a cute series. I've recommended it to my cousins who are HUGE readers, I think it would be perfect for them. Glad you enjoyed it Savy!

  2. I've seen this one and thought it looked so cute! I swear I know kids that would love something like this! Thanks!

  3. Great review. I've been wanting to check this one out for awhile now. It sounds like a really amusing read, and I do love those! I'm glad you enjoyed it and the illustrations added some to the book.


  4. This DOES look like a totally cute book! Sometimes I overlook the younger titles because I read so many YA and adult books, so it's always nice to see them spotlighted here and there!

  5. This looks adorable. If you like this, you should check out Tricia Rayburn's new book - it's under a pseudonym of T.R. Burns (or maybe T.H.). It's about a boarding school where misbehavior is celebrated.


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