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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Supporting My B.O.D

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What did you get to support your disorder?

Happy Reading!


  1. I have been trying not to spend money on books lately since I have so many Netgalley titles to catch up on, but I ended up buying Hourglass and Anna Dressed in Blood this week since they were both under $2,99 for Kindle!:)

    I also seriously need to get around to reading In Honor, because I loved Kirby's writing in Moonglass:)

  2. I see you did decide to color code the book shelves! Tons of great books! Something Strange and Deadly looks sooo good. I can't wait to start restocking everything the PO lost when I moved, however my bday books did arrive this week so YAY!!! Happy Sunday Savannah <3

  3. Glitch and In Honor look like books I would really enjoy. Thanks for showing them. It was nice of Trini to get you those books. How awesome is that! By the way, does she have a blog as well?

  4. Love your indie bookstore. AND MERMAIDS! :) Transcendence looks good. Oh so many... looks so great! Some of these books I haven't really heard of. Hm... will have to check them out.


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