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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Interview with Jodi Lynn Anderson

 Hello and welcome to the Tiger Lily Blog tour!

Today I have an interview with lovely author Jodi Lynn Anderson!

Why do you write for teens?

Well, I always want to write about teens, so that is a big part of it. Also, I don’t think that, inside, I’ve changed that much since that age, so it’s not like I sit down and think “How do I get into the mind of a teen?” or “How do I write this for a teen audience?” I identify with that time of my life a lot, and it never stops being interesting to me.  

    Is there any part of the story that you found difficult to write?

So many! Emotionally, writing Tik Tok’s story line was difficult – I definitely shed more than a few tears. Also, it was hard to write the ending – it came to me very quickly, but I hated to say goodbye. From a technical standpoint, it was hard to write about a stoic and silent character like Tiger Lily while still offering some insight into why she is the way she is, and how deeply she feels things. I leaned on Tink as a narrator to help with that.

 What character of the story do you relate to most?

Probably Moon Eye. She’s a dreamer and she loves poetry and she likes to be in the background, but shedoes have a strength to her. And she’s loyal.

     Can you tell us what you plan to write next?

I’m working on a ghost story set on a peninsula in Lake Michigan. It’s eerie and atmospheric and full of winter; it’s about two girls who live next door to each other but have vastly different lives.

     What books are you looking forward to this fall?

 Anything by Nina LaCour, Francesca Lia Block’s new novel…I really want to read Melissa Marr’s Carnival of Souls. Right now I’m readingMiddlemarch by George Eliot; I love long, meandering, old books.  

Thanks so much for being here today :)

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  1. Oh a ghost story set on Lake Michigan? WIN! My parents live on Lake Michigan so it would be fun to read something that features the lake so strongly. I'll probably freak myself out reading it though:) Can't wait to read Tiger Lily!

  2. I cannot wait to read Tiger Lily! I am really looking forward to seeing how every thing unfold through Tink's voice.
    Thanks for the interview!

  3. I loved the May Bird series. Looking forward to checking Tiger Lily out!

  4. Oh I've been wanting to read this book. I love it when the author talks about writing the characters. Makes it more interesting to me. Thanks Savy!

  5. I loved the cover of this book. I actually tried to read it, but just wasn't in the mood. Nothing at all was wrong with the writing- in fact I liked what I read. Just not in the mood and I know better than to force myself to read something. I hope I'm in the mood to read it soon- I love Peter Pan. I'm definitely more intrigued about this book after your interview.


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