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Monday, July 30, 2012

Review: What A Boy Needs

Title: What A Boy Needs
Series: What A Boy Wants # 2
Genre: Young Adult-Contemporary
Author: Nyrae Dawn
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: June 2012
Book: Bought

"Jaden Sinclair knows he'll never amount to why would he deserve a girl like Priscilla Mendoza? 
Since last summer, things have been screwed up between Jaden and Pris. He knows it's his fault, but that doesn’t stop him from wanting to go a few rounds with her new boyfriend. He also knows he’s the loser his dad calls him, but it doesn’t stop him from wanting her.
After getting a huge bomb dropped on him, Jaden lashes out and lands himself in jail. Everything in his chaotic life is turned upside down and to make it worse, his mom kicks him out in order to side with his dad. Yeah, he’s totally a prize for a girl like Pris. 
Sebastian, Aspen, and Pris are all going places in their lives...and he knows he can't keep tagging along for the ride.
The group has one last chance for The Epic Adventure they've been looking for: a road trip to New York, where Jaden's friends will be going to college. Unfortunately, the more time Jaden hangs around Pris, the harder it is to keep the carefully constructed walls between them so she doesn't find out what a train wreck he really is. 
When the trip ends, Jaden has to decide if he's ready to say goodbye to his friends, and the girl he loves. He knows what he needs, but will he be man enough to go for it?"

After gobbling up the first book, I need I had to read the second right after. Which, I did. LOL. This book is just as good as the first, even better, yet darker. Jaden intrigued with his quite nature in the first book. Sure he was there, but he wasn't there. You get what I mean? I could tell he is hiding something and I definitely needed to know what is up.

As much as I love Sebastain, I have to admit that Jaden is my favorite. Jaden has some deep demons that he is fighting. Broken and hurt, Jaden faces this trouble everyday. Have you or anyone you know, been verbally abused? To be told everyday that you are worthless. That you will own up to nothing. That your friends aren't really your friends. Jaden goes through that everyday. And it follows him. In his mind, Jaden is fighting a very hard battle that has kept secret for years. Jaden strenghth to stand up, to fight for himself, leaves me breathless. He is an amazing guy!!!

The love interest is worth the wait as well as enduring. After fighting for so long, Jaden feels like he doesn't deserve anyone. Even if it is right before his eyes. He is loosing time and must quickly decide if he is going to let this take over him or choose to go the other way. This part of the book is heartbreaking yet the best part. The battle happening right before the readers eyes, you can't help but get invested in the characters. You root him on. You chant," YES! Keep going. Ignore that thought." I don't even remember all the words I muttered under my breathe, but I was totally into the story and not coming out till Jaden won.

What A Boy Needs is an amazing companion! Nothing like the first book, Ms. Dawn takes the reader on a dark path that consumes your every thought. Beautifully woven into a tale of heart-break and love, What A Boys Needs is exhilarating!

I give it 5 BITES!

Happy Reading!


  1. Oh I need to read this! I read the first one and Loooooooved it so much! So glad to hear that this one lives up to its processor!

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  3. #2? I'm behind... I haven't read #1 yet. Looks like I'm so going to have to add this one to the wishlist!

  4. Hadn't heard of these before but they sound intriguing. I'll TBR them! Thanks for the review! :D


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