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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Why I will not review indie books NO MORE!

This has been a long time coming. After seeing yet another post of authors bashing bloggers, I have taken in everything and decided to no longer review indie books. I do not wish to take this step, but I have worked hard on my blog. 

And that last thing I want is some author going on a bashing spree to bash me. You could say that I am taking precautions. I have yet to be called out or bashed upon, still with all that is going on I am uneasy. I no longer am going to put myself in that kind of predicament.

This makes me sad. I have read so many great indie books that I absolutely LOVED! I have met kind authors who changed my life with their books. 

With that said, there are only a few reasons why I will read an indie book. Because I believe in "one bad apple doesn't ruin to whole bunch", I'm placing some new polices. 

The only way I will read and review an indie book is:

(1) I bought the book myself off of Amazon, Smashwords, B&N and have enjoyed it.

(2) I have read/review your work before/work with you before and have establish a relationship with you.

(3) I have sign up for a blog tour myself

(4) I approach you myself asking to review the book

(5) Word of mouth from another author

Now, to the authors that I have given my word to review your book, that I will happen. If I emailed you saying I will review your book I will.

Here are the books that I plan to review in the coming months:

Any Other Night
Whisper in the Autumn
Seeds of War
Red Dawn
The Mayfriar Moon
Fairytale Keeper
Sovereign Hope
Bite Me
Emerald Isle
Happy Birthday To Me
Happy Birthday To You

These are all the books I review. After this, no more. Unless the author meets my conditions I have above, any email will be deleted. 

Again, I am sorry that it has to be this way.

Happy Reading!


  1. Replies
    1. And indie book is self-published book.

  2. Its sad that this may have affected some great indie authors but im glad that you will continue to review the indie authors you have worked with. You came up with a pretty good solution. Some of the books on your list are on mine too.

    1. I wanted to still read them but I just made my selection much more exclusive.

  3. I understand your decision, and as a fellow blogger, I really respect it. I still have a list of indie/SP novels that I accepted for review last year, and am trying my best to get caught up with them--even to the point where 2 friends are now contributors to my blog and are helping me with the list. The good news is that we are now down to slightly less than 20 books.

    My blog is still under construction as far as design, and I haven't drawn up an official policy just yet on my stance on which books I will accept. However, in any dealings with indies or SPs, I have been treading cautiously. I had a wonderful, honest email exchange with an author earlier this afternoon about her book, and I know that not all indies/SPs should be judged by the actions of others. It's going to take some time for bloggers/authors to move past what has been happening in the blogging community these past weeks.

    Literally Jen

  4. I too understand the concern of not wanting to review indie authors. Though I'm usually surprised by a great read I find when reviewing indie authors, they have become more of a hassle recently. I too am thinking about no longer reviewing indie authors, as I am constantly receiving e-mails asking for a review when, A) I have already reviewed their novel and yet they continue to ask for the same review, or B) I'm simply not interested in reviewing their novel, and they keep constantly e-mailing me for a review.
    I fortunately have not gone through the bashing that other fellow bloggers have, but I am seeing this horrible situation more and more, and find it appalling that authors, especially indie authors treat bloggers this way. I hope things transition smoothly for you, and hopefully all the indie authors vs. bloggers drama will die down soon.

  5. I made the same decision because of the same reason as you Savannah so I feel ya! It's such a SAD time!


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