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Monday, August 20, 2012

Book Blogging 411: Creating A Book Blog Pt 1

"How to do you start a book blog?"

So lately, I have been getting emails asking exactly how do to this. They say they been following blogs for a while and now they want to try. Awesome! I usually respond in a lengthy email but this time, I thought I do a weekly series on it. Starting with step number one.

1. My first question to you "the soon-to-be-blogger" Why do you want to blog? 
Cause if it for free books your doing this all the wrong way. If it is for sharing your thoughts and love for reading, then keep on going. Book Blogging is hard. It's gets time consuming, it feels like work after a while and not to mention the drama you will go through. Cause believe me, you will go through it. My advice is take some time to think about it. Really think about it. It is worth it in the end, but if you don't have the time or the effort then don't start one.

2. Research your blog name
Decided to start a blog huh? Well, now you research. My advice is to take you time on this one too. Once you pick a name, you need to stick with it. You can't constantly change your name, well you can...but it will get confusing. Pick a name that suits you. And Google it!!! It's Important. You don't want a name that is generic or over done. You want something unique and fresh. Mix and match different names. Ask your friends to help you out. And once you decided your name, create it.

3. Creating your blog
So now, you decided to blog and got a name. Now it's time to establish it. There are 3 main things you must do.
First: Establish a blog under Blogger, WordPress, etc.Visit different blogger host and decided which one best fits you. My advice is to go with Blogger. It's easy and simple for beginner bloggers. Once you get a hang of things, you could move on to self-hosting site, etc. You can create your blog for free or you can even buy your blog name for $10 through It's up to you. Just know that if you do not decide to buy it your blog name will be followed by <---example.

Second: Create your email. DO NOT USE YOUR PERSONAL EMAIL!
I made the mistake of doing that. Once my blog stuff got mixed with my personal stuff I couldn't handle separating all. Do your self a favor and create a new email SOLELY for your blog. That way there is no mix up or confusion. Everything for your blog will go to one email.

Third: Look for a graphic designer.
I hate to be blunt, but your design of your blog can make you or break you. It's okay to have the standard design but you need a design that calls out to readers. My advice is to pick a design that fits you. For inspiration, check out your fave book covers. (How to do you think I came up with mine? LOL) Look at different scenery. Or go with your fave genre. You want it paranormal or contemporary? Or maybe dark or sexy. Whatever you decide, make sure that you know what you want. I drew mine out on paper and then emailed my blog designer telling her exactly what I wanted. 

One more thing, blog designs are NOT cheap. They cost money. If you are serious about blogging spending money on your blog design will pay off in the end. You don't want to spend all this money on a good design and then say never mind. That is a waste of time and money.

Graphic Designer: Blogging Bella Designs, Parajunkee, Icey Designs

Please keep in mind that whatever the designer you go with you may end up on a list.  It can take weeks before they get to you. Find a designer and send in for a design ASAP. The usually ask for a half of the money up front before they start designing. Make sure you have a Paypal account. If you don't, I suggest you get one.

These are my first set of steps when creating a blog. Do this things first and come back next week when I discuss more important steps in creating and establishing your blog.

Good Luck and Happy Reading!


  1. Great post Savy! I would have loved to stumble across something like this when I was thinking of starting the blog, I had no idea what I was doing in terms of setting the blog up and coming up with a name and layout and all that. Luckily, Blogger makes it pretty easy and I know my way around a design program or too, but it was still confusing and overwhelming at times, and it's so nice to have a helpful resource!

  2. Did you look at my blog when you came up with #3- get a graphic designer? This is something I plan to do- I didn't want to pay to have someone do it when I started out. I mean, what if I didn't even want to do it after a month? Hopefully my son will come through before I have to break down and pay someone. It'll maybe be a birthday/Christmas present to myself to have my blog design done.

  3. This is great. I think don't follow Melissa's example would be wise. This is great advice I should have used before starting mine. I was just doing it to do it and just have fun.

  4. Thanks for the tips! I have a blogger site but eventually want to get my own domain so these will come in handy. Thanks for posting them! :D

  5. Awesome tips, Savy! I sometimes wish I named my blog something else. I like the name (it's after a children's book called TOM'S MIDNIGHT GARDEN), but it'd be nice if it was a little more obvious what the blog was about, too. Say, like BOOKS WITH BITE, hah. ;)

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden


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