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Monday, August 27, 2012

Book Blogging 411: Creating A Book Blog Pt 2

"How do you start a book blog?"

In this 411 series, I am laying down step by step into creating your very own book blog. I suppose it could be used for other blogs stuff. Still, I wanted to give a detailed guide. Here are the next steps.
Check out the first STEP HERE: PART ONE

4. Social Media
Once you have establishment your blog it is time to establish yourself. You are going to need to sign up for social media sites that will help your blog be successful. Here are the ones that I recommend.
*Good Reads
*Library Thing
*Facebook (Create a page for you blog)
*Amazon (Post reviews to)
*Barnes and Noble (Post reviews to)
*Rafflecopter (To hold contest)
These sites, I feel are essential in your blogging. They help spread the word of your review, post reviews as well as hold contest.

5. Establishing Policies
Now that you got yourself established, it's time to lay down the laws. These my friends will help you. Let me tell you I got in a lot of trouble holding my first contest since I did not specify rules and such. I ended up with quite a few angry emails as well as an empty wallet. That right there taught me the importance of clarifing what you are doing.

You will need to establish each of these polices:
*Review Policy-Here you will need to specify what genre your review. What kind of books you accept. And anything extra that you feel needs to be said. Make sure you are firm yet professional in what you say.
*Contest Privacy- Yes, you need one. As well as a set of rules that you will need to post with each giveaway. Make sure you specify eligibility, contest period, agreement to rules, how to enter, prize drawing, notification, mailing periods, etc. You need all of this down. Believe me, it will help YOU in the need. You do not want an angry mob of followers stalking your email cause you didn't clarity.
*Privacy Policy- When people enter your contest, they give their information. As a site holder, you are responsible for their information. They trust you with it. Take care with what you get. And take care to watch your back. Believe it or not, you do not know who you are speaking to. You need to establish rules to protect yourself and your blog.

In addition to policies, create two extra pages for your About Me page. Make it fun and inviting. 
And make your Book Review page. Here, you can place and link all the reviews that you have done

6. What genre will you review
Now that you got rules down, decide what type of book review blog you want to be. Do you want to review Adult, Non-Fiction, Young Adult, New Adult, Middle Grade, etc. You can have mixture of some, it is up to you. Make sure you specify what you review.

Well, you are almost ready to start. Be sure to check back next week for more steps in creating your blog!

Happy Reading!


  1. I think now more than ever a review policy is vitally important. When I first started it wasn't an issue really because I was pretty open in terms of what I'd read and review, but now that my time is a little more limited I'm a bit choosier with what I accept, and having the policy in place ensures that I'm not on the receiving end of any nasty emails:)

  2. nice post :)
    I have a book review policy but not contest or privacy. I didn't think it was necessary coz I have rules in every giveaway and I don't share any of the info the entrants enter...

    Maybe I should still do it though... Thanks for the heads up!

  3. All great tips! I finally put up an About Us and Review Policies section a couple of months ago. Long past due. :)

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden

  4. Some of those policies evolve as you encounter things that others may not have or haven't shared.

    Such a great post!

  5. WOW,you give everybody very good thought.any body very easily create Book Blogging for your tips.thank you so much and i hope you will share more more thought about Blogging.

    Bappa Chowdhury

  6. There are tons of ways on book blogging. Some prefer having novels for their visitors to read while some prefer humor and affiliate offers. Either which, the best part on this is sharing good information with others.


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