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Friday, August 31, 2012

Book Blogging 411: Creating a Book Blog Pt 3

Part One
Part Two

"How do you start a book blog?"

In this 411 series, I am laying down step by step into creating your very own book blog. I suppose it could be used for other blogs stuff. Still, I wanted to give a detailed guide. Here are the next steps. (And a small rant)

7. Get a planner
The reason I say this is cause you will need something to refer to when reviewing. I bought a pocket planner at walmart for a dollar. Every time I get a book, buy a book, netgalley, etc, I pick a date as to when the book will be reviewed. Believe me when I say that this planner keeps me sane! I need it. I go to it for scheduling blog tours, arc tours, or cover reveals. It helps me a lot. Do yourself a favor now and invest in one. It's cheap and helpful.

8. Review books from your OWN library!
Now, before you EVEN start requesting books DON'T! Start with what you have at home, what you bought, borrowed, etc. You need to give yourself time to get established. I didn't receive my first arc till I was six months in blogging and that's cause the publisher contacted me. Use your first year as blogging to make your mark and get reviews down. You need something under your belt before you can even ask for that arc.

9. Start making friends!
Once you start reviewing go out to the World Wide Web and make friends. Blog Hop using Parajunkee blog hopping. Get on twitter and spread your reviews and love for books. Go to book events (if you can). Do anything and everything you can to get your name out there. There are so many of us and it's up to you to make your mark. Be friendly and be active. Don't come on and then disappear. That's why I said in the first POST to think about it if you are absolutely, positively sure.

Also, don't make friends with other bloggers just to ask for books. That's like a low blow. At least establish a friendship first before you start to get all grabby!

Oh and one more thing. I know this may ruffle a few bloggers feathers out there, but right now I don't give a damn. Here it goes:

Just because you have over idon'tknowhowmanyfollowers DOES NOT MAKE YOU ALL THAT AND A BAG OF CHIPS!

So get off your high horse and stop walking around as if your crap don't stink cause it DOES!
I'm tired of seeing bloggers hit a certain number and all of the sudden,"their too good to talk to you." And all you bloggers out there who have been shunned by these "bloggers." know what I am talking about. I'm  not going to say names, but I will say this. If you turn out like this, I will loose all my respect I have for you. Keep your head on straight and blog for the reason you starting blogging.

Cause you LOVE reading.

That is all.

Good Luck! If anyone needs any help, please don't hesitate to email me. I will do my best to help as much as possible.

(Let's see how many angry emails I get for this! LOL)

Happy Reading!


  1. I live by my blogging calendar Savy! I do the same thing whenever I get a new book, I have to add it to the calendar so I have a reminder of what post is going up which day. I'd be lost without it! Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

  2. Great ideas! I am not a reviewer, but have begun to put everything on my planner and on my computer calendar, boy it sure does help keep things straight. Great post. BTW I agree on the comment on those that acquire high number of followers who sometimes turn snooty!

  3. Great post. Thanks for sharing

  4. Love your blog! New follower on GFC! I'm doing the blog hop thing. :D

  5. I have a on-line calendar and one on my comp. Google works with it so technically I have both on my comp.

    These are such great ideas. Oh and no matter how many followers I have, I know most are just there for the giveaways. LOL Nothing to do with me. Still, publishers do look at that sort of thing. Only reason I keep track. :D It's the peeps I've "met" that mean more to me than a random follower.

    Have a great weekend!!

  6. Great tips! Nothing wrong with being honest! :)


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