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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Review: Blood Will Tell

Title: Blood Will Tell
Series: Warriors Of Ankh # 1
Genre: Young Adult-Paranormal/ Mature Teens +18
Author: Samantha Young
Publisher: Create Space/Self-Pub
Release Date: July 1, 2012
Book: Bought

"What would you do if you were born to be a predator? Would you fight your natural instincts or give in to your nature?
Eden is a soul eater closing in on her awakening. Her family has convinced her that soon she will have to take a life in order to save her own. It’s a decision Eden doesn’t want to deal with even as her hunger for souls grows stronger every day.
To complicate her impossible position, new guy in school Noah Valois’ determination to befriend her puts Eden in touch with a humanity she’s never known. Addicted to his company, his friendship and affection, she becomes more and more terrified that giving into her hunger will mean losing him forever…
… But when she discovers that Noah is not what he seems, his betrayal forces her to face two choices. One will offer her revenge and the destruction of a boy she loved. The other may offer her a life of eternal redemption…"

There is a very funny story as to why I bought this book. I was on my phone with my blogger friends, Trini from A Book Lovers Review along with Damaris from Good Choice Reading, they were trying to get me to buy a book they recommended. Trini yelled,"NO Savannah! Buy Slammed, you'll love it." And then Dee was like,"NO! Buy Blood Will Tell." Because these wonderful ladies crack me up, I gave in and bought both. In the end, Dee won and I decided to read Blood Will Tell first. FYI: I made Trini sad. LOL!

Onward with the review, my verdict. Holy freaking crap! Why hadn't I read this book sooner. And thank you Dee for yelling at me to read it first! Geez, I zoomed through this book. It was raw, dark, gritty and dangerously addicting. At the end, I sat there amazed, then quickly got back on the phone to report my status to Dee. She squealed with delight. And suffice to say Ms. Young gained a new fan! For one thing, I like a dark plot. Mixed in with what is right and what is wrong, you always have a choice. Just liked Eden. She knew who she wanted to be, it was up to her to get there. But with so many voices and people telling you who you are and who to be, how do you know who to trust and what do to. Take it from me when I say, HELL TO THE YEAH, this book ROCKED!

The love interest is right on target as well as forbidden. Forbidded love, don't you just love it? You can't be together, yet you steals moments just to gaze into each other eyes. Not to mention, prophecies in the wake, your time is ticking. I loved this love. I can't wait to read the next book and to see where it goes.

Blood Will Tell is an amazing story. Raw and out of the box, the energy flowing from the story accelerated the reader into a world of war and death. A well-crafted dark story that leaves the reader utterly speechless, Blood Will Tell knocks you off your feet!

I give it 5 BITES!

Happy Reading!


  1. Ooh wow this cover is gorgeous! I love the sounds of this and forbidden romance is something I just can't stop but loving!! Great review, chickie!

  2. Thanks for putting this on my radar Savannah. I like dark reads as well and this sounds like a great read putting this on my tbr pile!!!

  3. Hahaha! Great review..both Dee and I have great taste in books. I'm glad you enjoyed this one. It's in my list so I'll get to it soon. Promise!!

  4. Thank you for such an awesome review, Savannah. I'm so happy you enjoyed it! And thank you to Damaris! You both rock!


  5. Dark story, forbidden love? Oh yea... this sounds like something I'd enjoy! Thanks for the recommendation.

  6. Yay Savy!!!!! I am so happy you loved it as much as I did! This series is awesome!!!!!!!!!! Great Review babe!


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