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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Review: The Raft

Title: The Raft
Series: No
Genre: Young Adult- Contemporary/Thriller
Author: S.A. Bodeen
Publisher: Fiewel & Friends
Release Date: August 21, 2012
Book: ARC sent by publisher

"Robie is an experienced traveler. She’s taken the flight from Honolulu to the Midway Atoll, a group of Pacific islands where her parents live, many times. When she has to get to Midway in a hurry after a visit with her aunt in Hawaii, she gets on the next cargo flight at the last minute. She knows the pilot, but on this flight, there’s a new co-pilot named Max. All systems are go until a storm hits during the flight. The only passenger, Robie doesn’t panic until the engine suddenly cuts out and Max shouts at her to put on a life jacket. They are over miles of Pacific Ocean. She sees Max struggle with a raft.
And then . . . she’s in the water. Fighting for her life. Max pulls her onto the raft, and that’s when the real terror begins. They have no water. Their only food is a bag of Skittles. There are sharks. There is an island. But there’s no sign of help on the way."

An amazing book from start to finish, I loved it. So many emotions of fear, uncertainty, guilt, etc flowing through the reader. 

What I enjoyed most about this book is the great plot line of being out on sea, ALL ALONE. No food, no water, no cell phone, no ONE! And the worst part, the thought that you could possibly die a slow death if no one finds you. I admit that, that thought right there makes me shiver. I think I'd go crazy or worse kill myself so that I don't have to do it slowly. How Robie manged to endure all this terror is beyond me.

There's no love interest but there is a great friendship. Being out there with one other person to share the stress that you are going through is helpful. Max is great at keeping Robie calm as well as sane. There are times where she wants to break down, then Max comes in, bringing her back to the surface.

There is an awesome twist in the end. It made me smile. I had no seen that last bit coming and have to admit that the author did a great job, investing in the reader in the character.

The Raft is an brutal, emotional story that steals the reader away. Skillfully blended emotions, allow the reader to fully put themselves in Robie's shoes. An enjoyable moving story, The Raft is highly recommended!

I give it 5 BITES!

Happy Reading!


  1. Ooh this sounds SOO good and I'm reading it soon so I'm very excited to see how I'll like it. Great review, Savvy!

  2. I enjoyed this one too Savy! I really liked that Robie didn't have any special survival skills that helped her, it felt like she struggled just as I would if I was in her position and it just made everything all the more intense:)

  3. Oh this one sounds like a contemp I would enjoy. Lots of on the edge of your seat or emotional stuff to really keep it going. Yep, going to check this one out!


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