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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Review: Breathe

Title: Breathe
Series: Breathe # 1
Genre: Young Adult-Dystopian
Author: Sarah Crossan
Publisher: Greenwillow
Release Date: October 2, 2012
Book: ARC sent by publisher
"Inhale. Exhale.
Breathe . . .
The world is dead.
The survivors live under the protection of Breathe, the corporation that found a way to manufacture oxygen-rich air.
has been stealing for a long time. She's a little jittery, but not terrified. All she knows is that she's never been caught before. If she's careful, it'll be easy. If she's careful.
should be worried about Alina and a bit afraid for himself, too, but even though this is dangerous, it's also the most interesting thing to happen to him in ages. It isn't every day that the girl of your dreams asks you to rescue her.
wants to tell him that none of this is fair; they'd planned a trip together, the two of them, and she'd hoped he'd discover her out here, not another girl.
And as they walk into the Outlands with two days' worth of oxygen in their tanks, everything they believe will be shattered. Will they be able to make it back? Will they want to?"

I absolutely loved this book! Take a moment and think about this. How many times do you breathe a day? What if air was so depleted, that you had to buy air to do stuff? Like you had to buy air to dance, to take a stroll in a park, or even buy air just so you can play a sport. This conception of this story amazes me! After thinking about what I would do, if I was down to the thinnest air I can have just to survive, there is really nothing to live for.  As you can tell from the description of the book, the plot of the best part. It hooks the reader right away, leaving them breathless.

The characters of the book, all three of them is awesome to see. You see every class. The premium, the middle class and the lower class. To put yourself in their shoes for a short amount of time, to see the way they live is crazy. At times, I just couldn't believe how easily it was to slip into the world.  The politics, the enormity of the truth just beckoning at the door, you will read faster just to get to the end.

Their is a love interest that I adored. It's one of those, right under your nose love interest. At this point of the story, the author makes a wise choice is keeping the love interest close yet far away. I liked the chase that is given, plus it just to the tension. And of course once the find each other, it FIREWORKS!

Breathe is mind-blowing dystopian story! The extravagant plot along with well developed characters, the reader is swept off their feet. Breathe makes for a compelling read from start to finish. Towards the end of the story, the reader is ravished with truths that certainly make you beg for more. Breathe is delectable masterpiece.

I give it 5 BITES!

 Happy Reading!


  1. I've seen Breathe around it didn't really appeal. Your review has changed my mind. :)

  2. I hadn't heard of this one, but I love dystopia and I really like the concept of having to buy your own oxygen -- how wacked of a society would that be? Great review!

  3. I like dystopian fic. so this might be right along my lines!

  4. This is an interesting premise, with the buying air thing. I'll have to check this out. Enjoyed your review.

  5. This sounds amazing! Great review!! Now I can't wait to read it :)

    ~Ariella @ A Sprinkle of Books


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