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Monday, October 15, 2012

Book Haul: Austin Teen Book Festival

Hello! A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending The Austin Teen Book Festival. I finally filmed my book haul and all my goodies!!
Check It Out!
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  1. Lucky you Savy! This looks like it would have been such an amazing event to attend! Love those Matched/Reached buttons, I'm super excited to see how the series ends! And you drove 6 hours to go there? That was obviously quite a long day!

  2. Oh wow! Wish I was there. ;)

    So many great books and stories with the authors. I'm so glad that they knew you and you had so much fun!! Especially when they did the little touches for you. YaY! I would have wanted to just watch them interact with you! How fun!

  3. Is this an Annual event? WOW. So jealous!!! I have to make my way out to one of these sometime!!


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