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Friday, October 12, 2012

Review: Sound

Title: Sound
Series: Solid # 2
Genre: Young Adult-Supernatural/Science Fiction
Author: Shelley Workinger
Publisher: Self-Pub
Release Date: November 1, 2012
Book: Book sent by author
"Clio Kaid's had one crazy summer.
After learning she was one of a hundred teens who were genetically modified before birth, she and the others departed for "camp" at a classified military site.
Besides discovering her own special ability, uncovering a conspiracy, and capturing a killer, she's also forged new friendships, found love, and managed to lose them both.
With no answers and the end of summer closing in, Clio's terrified of going home more lost than when she arrived.
Will she finally find everything she's been looking for?
Find out in this exciting conclusion to the Solid trilogy."

Since, I followed this book from the beginning, I couldn't wait to see how it ended. Fast-paced and exciting, Sound is great!

So in this story Clio is struggling with making amends. A lot has happen in the past few months and lots of consequences of the choices she makes are coming back to her. The plot is exciting cause of the loose ends the author is trying up. Lots questions are answered and the future of the group is at stake. I think the plot could have more going on but I felt it did satisfy the reader. The reader gets to see each members of the group as well as who they came to be. All of them have a great friendship that will last forever.

There are some minor characters that the reader finally gets more of. I love that every aspect of Clio's life is well explained. Clio is not perfect. She makes mistakes and faces what she done. She pushed everything aside and stood up for what is important.

Overall, Sound is good. I like that the ending is nicely tied up. Though for me the book is short and of course I wanted more action in it, still it took me for awesome reading adventure. Sound is confident and entertaining. A great story from book one, Sound is great!

I give it 4 BITES!

Happy Reading!

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  1. Oh I still need to read that first one. I'm so glad to hear about Clio's character. Sounds like someone I'd like to know.


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