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Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Walking Dead Blognation: Episode 4

Hello! My hubby is back for a review on The Walking Dead: Episode 4!!!

Title: Killer Within
Series: The Walking Dead Season: (3) Episode # 4
Genre: Adult-Apocalyptic

Picture from AMC Website

"The group is severed and lives are put in jeopardy. In Woodbury, Merle has a request for the Governor."

Once again cringing and at the edge of my seat watching as the mysterious leaves a patch for walkers as he escapes. But why? Looks like maybe a prisoner trying to leave the group. As I’m listening to the outcry of the cons begging Rick for mercy my heart just drops. Come one Rick just give them a chance! Let them try. Isn't it humane and the right thing to do to forgive them and give them a chance to enjoy life. I mean they were locked up, they went through hell and still they live to be free once again.

Nice to see Hershel making effort and getting back to his “old” self. Ha!
Ahhhhhhhh! It was a brief moment heart felt and warm out in the yard. Hershel enjoying some rays, Rick and Lori smiling at each other and in a quick second a group walkers creep up behind em chasing them every which where. And as they are searching for cover T-Dogs gets cornered. After all he’s been through. *sigh*

I don’t know how long The Governor is gonna keep it up lying through his teeth.
Go, go, go!!! T-Bone holding on, Lori hanging in there in pain and Carl trying to be Rick’s mini me, I’m going crazy hearing the alarm thinking its symbolizing a warning of what’s to come. Everyone is in a state of panic and what seemed to be a safe place isn’t any different from the outside. I wonder if they will continue to stay or pardon the cons.

Bullseye! The Governor takes a swing at hit one right on the money. LOL! But I’m
feeling for Merle, I think things might take a turn for him. Perhaps things have gone a little too far for too long. Back to Lori and T-Bone as she’s pushing to make things easier things cant get any worse but it does, T-bone sacrifices a gruesome bite to the neck with a nasty crunch. Let me put it this way, there’s a lot of blood here!

The quick but intimate convo between the Governor and Andrea was intense. Is there more? There was a bit of a conspirical chuckle when she toasted, “To better days!”, I doubt that. Seems like the cons get their redemption moment as they find out what, better yet, who is running sounding the alarm. But Lori, OMG Lori please!!! For Carl’s sake, it just feel he’s had to grow up in such a short time.

Even with the screams of new life that would bring tears, tears of joy that is I’m so sad. I can’t help it, a different type of tears are flowing.

I close with the hope that Rick wont hold it against his own son and accept the gift Lori left for him. I’ve never encountered a walker but my heart was ripped out!
A must watch.

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  1. For some reason I can't get into this series:( Love the post.

  2. I'm at like episode 4 (yeah I'm slow! lol) of the first season! Such a fun show!!

  3. Loved hearing your thoughts. I have to admit this episode made me cry. It was so heart wrenching.


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