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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Review: Revolution 19

Title: Revolution 19
Series: No
Genre: Young Adult-Dystopian
Author: Gregg Rosenblum
Publisher: HarperTeen
Release Date: January 18, 2012
Book: ARC sent by publisher

"Twenty years ago, the robots designed to fight our wars abandoned the battlefields. Then they turned their weapons on us.
Only a few escaped the robot revolution of 2071. Kevin, Nick, and Cass are lucky —they live with their parents in a secret human community in the woods. Then their village is detected and wiped out. Hopeful that other survivors have been captured by bots, the teens risk everything to save the only people they have left in the world—by infiltrating a city controlled by their greatest enemies.
Revolution 19 is a cinematic thriller unlike anything else. With a dynamic cast of characters, this surefire blockbuster has everything teen readers want—action, drama, mystery, and romance. Written by debut novelist Gregg Rosenblum, this gripping story shouldn't be missed."

One reason I had to read this book is because it reminded me of Terminator and my husband is a MAJOR fanatic of Terminator. I told my husband about it and of course he was interested in it so he told me to read it and then let him what it was about. I am glad about that fact that it is not at all exactly like Terminator. It's certainly has it own appeal that I think anyone can enjoy.

Once again, the human race is enslaved by robots. The robots are not killing humans (well technically there are, but I will go into that later) instead, they are forcing the humans to become perfect. No cussing, no fighting, everyone works, all kids go to school the humans are forced to watch the wars they created and to learn not to make those mistakes again. I really liked that yes the robots had a good idea for peace. The minute a human went out of control they were sent to a detention center where they taught the rules. If they don't comply then, bye-bye human.

The love interest is one that I expected yet went further than what I thought. Even those these barely had time for each other, I loved the loyalty they created. She risked everything for an outsider barely knowing him. And he in returned help all that he can. I liked that they both fought for what they believe in. They even had the parents help. Great friendship bonds are form that can last a lifetime.

Revolution 19 is an great story of a perfect city controlled by machines. Machines forcing and mandating every single rule without leniency. Scenes that the author created gave me goosebumps with the way the machines controlled humans. It's just creepy!! If you want a great read sure to raise the hairs on your neck, read Revolution 19.

I give it 4 BITES!

Happy Reading!


  1. So glad you liked this one. I have been seeing a lot of mixed reviews on it. I was going to get it from Edelweiss, but didn't really have time to fit it in so I passed. It sounds like it has a good creep factor to it. Great review chick!

    1. Thanks Amy! If you like books about robots then you'll like this one. I can see why some won't like it.

  2. I can see how this would be creepy. Oh and how cool it was to get the hubs even a bit interested! Might have to check this one out!

  3. I've been curious about this book since I happened across it in the catalogs. I believe the director of the Final Destination films had something to do with this novels publications, so I'm curious how that would play out.

  4. Ooh your new design! So pretty! A very big change, too! I really like it! And this one is coming up soon in my to-read list so I'm happy that you liked it it sounds SO GOOD!!!

  5. This one sounds very different! A year ago I probably would have just said it's not my thing but in the past year I have found that I do like a little sci fi now and then! Glad you enjoyed it!

  6. Sounds super CREEPY! Robots freak me out!!!

  7. This sounds really creepy, and I love books about robots. I've seen some mixed reviews, but I'm glad to see an enthusiastically positive one! I was really looking forward to this. Great review!

  8. This sounds great! I haven't really considered reading it until now, but I think I'll give it a shot :) The love interest also sounds awesome. Great review!


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