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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Book Talk: The Romantic Notion

Hello and welcome!

Today I thought I share my thoughts on romantic notions. I admit, that as a frequent and avid reader I always expect more out of my relationship. After reading about some guy swooning his girl, I want my husband to do the exact same thing. I mean, why can't guys be like guys in books?

I realize that I do whine and complain a lot about this to my husband. I constantly want him to surprise me and take me out, or pull some nice thoughtful romantic dinner. Let's face it, when it comes to real life love is not that way. Love takes time and work. 

In a way, John and I do have a love that is well... rare. You see, he and I are high school sweet hearts. We met during band camp (yes, I know), he was 15 and I was 14. He became my first boyfriend in high school and we dated for a few months before I dumped him. (Long story)

Anyways, today I had a conversation with him as to why he doesn't sweep me off my feet all the time. Here is what happen:

Me:  Hey babe?

John: What.

Me:  I have a question.

John: Ok.

Me: How come you don't tell me romantic things?

John: I don't know.

Me: Boys in books do it.

John: That's cause a girl wrote it.

Me: So

John: So, if I say romantic things all the time it will become a regular thing.

Me: And whats wrong with that?

John: When it comes out, it's not as special.

*SWOON* Do you see why I love this man? How he made me swoon even when I was picking on him to tell me something romantic. And that's why I love reading. Yes, I get to read a guy say something romantic but getting it said to you in real life is soo much more amazing!

Do any of you have romantic notion when it comes to guys? What do you expect out of them? Do books influence what you want? Tell me in the comments!

Happy Reading!


  1. We're practically post twins today Savy! Great minds think alike. I like how both our husbands confirm that guys don't at all talk like the guys in books:) Oh well. We still love them anyway right?

  2. Aww, that is so cute ^^ Both how you met and what he said :)
    But I agree, reading so much sort of raises the bar for guys... and I'm not sure how to feel about that :/

    1. I didn't realize it does until my husband told me so one day. I expect a lot from him especially if I loved the characters. I expect John to be the same way.

  3. Interesting take on this topic--the book version vs. real life.
    It's all about perspective, I think.:)

  4. Aw...sweet!

    I totally think books influenced my expectations of men. I've become a bit more realistic about prince charming...but for a long time, I totally expected unreasonable things. In the end, I just want (and have) a guy who respects me.

    1. Jen, I agree! I'm a total romantic and expected stars to fall from the sky and this big dramatic thing to happen when I fell in love. It so did not happen that way but still, I love it!

  5. AWWW THATS SOOO CUUTEEEEE! Your so lucky, im jealous right now!! for you to have met as SUCH a young age!! hahaha so so so cute! I still have no "love" so havent experienced anything like this :( LOL
    - Farah @ MajiBookshelf

  6. LOL. Because a girl wrote that!! Great comeback John!! Savy men aren't touchy feeling like us. We have to see their romantic notions in their actions. Like my boyfriend will say the most random things that come out so sweet. And his intentions weren't to swoon me. So I love random acts of swooning. LOL

  7. I love this post! It's so cute. You have a great husband. :)

  8. LOVE this post.

    However, I've been out of the notion that guys IRL aren't romantic at all... but that is just my cynicism talking... :)

  9. That's amazing that you guys were sweethearts when you were so young and are still together (or together again;). Real life is definitely different, but yes, those little things they say or do mean so much!

  10. Savy,
    I feel the same way! Before I met my husband I thought when I fell in love it would be how it is in books. My daughter loves fairy tales, and I think she's going to have high expectations for her husband. LOL

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape


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