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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Guest Post: Tidal

Hello and welcome to the Tidal Blog Tour!!

"Now that Willow Avery is out of rehab, she's got one chance left to prove herself before she’s officially on every producer’s shit list. At least, that's what her parents and agent are claiming. She doesn't really give a damn if she never makes another movie or not—she just wants to get on with her life, get back to her friends, and find her next escape. But Willow is broke. And whether she likes it or not, acting is the only job she knows how to do.
When she accepts the lead in a beach drama, Willow finds herself in Hawaii. And in Hawaii, she finds Cooper, the gorgeous surfer hired to train her for her new role. With the bluest eyes she’s ever seen and the sexiest Australian accent she’s ever heard, Cooper’s different from the men she’s used to. He doesn’t want to use her. And he refuses to let her fail. But when an old friend re-enters Willow’s life—a friend whose toxicity she’s been drawn to time and time before and whose presence brings about the painful memories she's tried so hard to suppress—Willow will have to choose between the girl she was and the person she’s becoming. The lifestyle that helps her forget the pain and the man she’s falling hard for."

Love Lessons from a Celebrity: The Willow Avery Files
Thanks so much to Books with Bite for inviting me (Emily Snow) and my main character (Willow Avery) to their blog today. We’re both very excited to be here as part of the TIDAL blog tour. Since Willow is anxious to share her top five celebrity love lessons with you guys, I’ll turn the keys over to her!

1.       If the Gossip Columns Make Him Out to Be a Giant D-Bag . . . Well, He Probably Is!
I’m the queen of dating the wrong person, so take it from me: If you constantly find questionable content about the guy you’re seeing on every gossip column (or Facebook and Twitter feed) dump him. ASAP. It will save you a lot of heartache in the long run.

2.       Those Risqué Cell Phone Pics? Just . . . Don’t
You know the ones I’m talking about—the lingerie-wearing, pouty-lipped photo taken in your bathroom mirror with your iPhone. Chances are it will end up all over the Internet eventually.

3.       Don’t Forget the Person You Were Before You Fell In Love
I get that it’s easy to want to make your love happy, but don’t forget yourself in the process. Don’t forget what makes YOU happy.

4.       Don’t Forget the People Who Loved You First
Your friends, your family—remember that they exist. They loved you before, and if things go badly, they’ll love you after. Try to balance yourself so you won’t shut those people out of your life.

5.       Fall In Love With the Wrong Person
No, I’m not talking about John Mayer here. I’m talking about that guy who accepts who you really are while challenging you to be a better person. That guy who wants you to succeed and pushes you to do so. It’ll be tough.

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  1. Cute guest post! I haven't heard of this books before it sound super cute!

  2. I love Emily and all of her books! Willow is still on my mind and I truly was touched by her story. She went deep with this one. Good JOB!

  3. Sounds fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Those are some good lessons! And I agree, if all evidence points to a guy being a douche, than it's best to accept it as fact:) Definitely going to check this one out, thanks Savy and Emily!

  5. Cute post. Now the trouble is following them all.

  6. ROFL! Not talking about John Mayer...too funny. :)

  7. This sounds SO good! It's different from anything else I've read yet. I'm definitely going to have to read it!

  8. Thanks for the awesome giveaway. Please enter me. I would love to read this book.


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