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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Review: Nobody But Us

Title: Nobody But Us
Series: No
Genre: Young Adult-Contemporary Romance
Author: Kristin Halbrook
Publisher: HarperTeen
Release Date: January 29, 2013
Book: ARC sent by publisher

"Bonnie and Clyde meets IF I STAY in this addictively heart-wrenching story of two desperate teenagers on the run from their pasts.
They’re young. They’re in love. They’re on the run.
Zoe wants to save Will as much as Will wants to save Zoe. When Will turns eighteen, they decide to run away together. But they never expected their escape to be so fraught with danger....
When the whole world is after you, sometimes it seems like you can’t run fast enough.
Nobody But Us, told in alternating perspectives from Will and Zoe, is an unflinching novel, in turns heartbreaking and hopeful, about survival, choices, and love...and how having love doesn’t always mean that you get a happy ending. Described as “beautiful, heartbreaking, and exhilarating” by Kody Keplinger, author of The DUFF, Nobody But Us will prove irresistible to fans of Nina Lacour, Jenny Han, and Sara Zarr."

This is a really unique book. I didn't expect certain twist and turns but in the end, I found that I really enjoyed it.

Starting off strong with a violent homes and absentee parents, these two have learned to love and rely on one another. Despite their age difference (15 &18) I can see why it worked so well. They both had nobody but just each other. Just like the title. Their love is strong and enduring with a good example of how love can take you anywhere if you left it.

The downward spiral of chaos begins with fear. That's all it takes. There is no concrete evidence, but fear overtakes this couple, sending them the run. The fear escalates in their minds leading them to make bad decisions. These decisions lead to a very distraught ending that I particularly did NOT expect. It's not a HEA but a bittersweet end that I can not get enough of. Just the way that it ended, it made me want to read more into the story. Alas, the story had ended and my curiosity can not be quenched.

Nobody But Us is a promising love story that is unique. The potent leading roles of Zoe and Will lead the reader down a road full of action and surprise. An impressive sentimental story, Nobody But Us is great.

 I give it 4 BITES!

Happy Reading!


  1. I thought this packed quite an emotional punch for such a short book.

    Kate @ Ex Libris

  2. Great review! You liked it more than I did, but I didn't dislike it. I was just overall bored with most of it and I didn't like Will's character. I know that he has been through a lot, but I just couldn't get past some of his behavior. Great review!!

  3. Ooh. This book sounds FABULOUS! I can't wait to read it, because I haven't read one bad review yet...I don't think. ;) Plus, everyone compares it to Bonnie and Clyde. I HAVE to read it. Fab review, Savy! (:

    Megan@The Book Babe

  4. I have heard only a little about this one but I'm definitely curious about it. I think I might get a bit frustrated, but sometimes that's a good thing cause it really makes you think.


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